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Thank you so much, that provides so reassurance. All the information is out there, and I'll be attaching copies of the charges too. I feel like both those instances are unfortunate. I realize I was only 18 but blowing a .03 the officer could have given some leeway, and having a sober driver to take us home in college seems responsible to me. Obviously I won't mention that in the addendum though.

I was also looking for some insight to the actual writing of it. Do you see any grammatical errors? Should I remove any parts, elaborate, etc. ?Obviously I want it to be short so the adcomm can look at it and move past it.

Thanks Again!!

Just a few words would help me so much  :D

Hey guys, I just really quick typed this up and I need some feedback relatively soon. October LSAT scores should come out tomorrow and I need to get my applications in. This is my real rough criminal addendum. From what I gather on other forums it should be concise and neat, not too much detail. It sucks how both of my tickets were kind of BS, but hey what can you do. Advice greatly appreciated!

""On May 30, 2009, I was cited with two misdemeanor charges in XXX: Operating a vehicle as a minor with a BAC below .08, and an open container in the vehicle. After consuming two beers at a neighbor's home I was asked to drive a friend back home, just down the road. As I pulled into the guest's driveway an officer pulled in behind me, he told me the windows on my car were illegally tinted and the light above my license plate was burnt out. He said the car smelled of alcohol and had me performed field sobriety tests and ultimately submitted me to a PVT. I had consumed two beers, and accordingly blew a .03. As a minor, I was allowed no alcohol in my system-I was arrested. The officer then found two beer bottles in the car with some remains-the passenger and I were both ticketed for those. The open container charge was dropped and I plead guilty to operating with a BAC below .08 as a minor. My license was restricted for 30 days and I paid my fines.
   On October 10, 2010, I was issued a ticket for minor in possession of alcohol. I was in a car with my roommates and our sober driver on our way back to our apartment. The driver allegedly rolled through a stop sign. We were pulled over and all given PVTs and the vehicle was searched. There was no alcohol in the car and the driver was sober, yet, I had consumed several beers so was issued the ticket. I eventually plead guilty and paid the fines associated with the ticket.
   The charge of operating a vehicle with and BAC was a very immature crime to commit, and I have moved past it. Since the incident I have been a sober driver, and have urged the same off all my friends. I go out of my way to make sure those I am around do not drink and drive. When I was cited with an MIP, I was the student who organized our sober driver. However, even though our driver was sober I still committed a crime. It has been several years since these incidents, I am certain this will not happen again. ""

Help me out please  :D


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