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Law School Admissions / High overall average GPA of undergrad?
« on: September 25, 2012, 02:11:12 PM »
Hey guys!
I heard that the LSAC writes down on your academic report the average GPA of your undergrad institution and also the average LSAT.
In the case when the average GPA is high, how would this affect my chances to say get into  T14?
I mean the admission know then that the coursework is not that challenging, would this hurt my chances?
Or could I balance it out with a high LSAT?

Thanks in advance!

Law School Admissions / Unranked Undergraduate
« on: September 23, 2012, 01:41:58 PM »
Hello! I hope you can help me with my questions
I'm a college student at a less selective college at a small (around 450 undergraduates) private university.
My college is a small regionally-accredited private university that focuses on online degrees but also has a campus.
It is not ranked except it's online degrees.My reasoning behind going to the school is because a scholarship that I got there, and I wouldn't go into debt if I went to a Public State school.

I have researched quite a bit and I know that HYS  (or more prestigious colleges) students would be preferred over me, however at the end it all comes down to GPA + LSAT.

Now my questions:

Am I disadvantaged that my school is unranked, and thus even if I graduated with 3.9 + high last, I wouldn't get into T10?
Or would it be a no-go because it is unknown in the States, except for its online degrees?

 Should I rather go to a Public State school, ( maybe lower GPA + debt) but at least I would know that some people got into T10 from the Public State school? ( Only a few people went to law schools from my school)

I would appreciate answers! Thanks in advance

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