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Thanks, i really do appreciate this. Down here in mississippi, we dont get many positive influence. Anyway, thank you for your response.

I am a Full Native American and registered with the Choctaw Tribe, and I was wondering if all the "hype" on the Ivy league schools recruiting Natives is true.
I'm your typical Native raised on the reservation. (This is stereotypical) I didnt' finish school , I dropped out to support my baby and My family is not wealthy.
I have gone back a few years later and got my GED. Right after that, I enlisted in the military. After the training, I went to a community college, which I'm currently in. I served a year in Iraq and now trying to pursue my dream of being a Lawyer.
My question is... Is there any chance for me in an Ivy League School?
Do I need to take any ACT's, SAT's or anything like that? What do I need to do as far as preparing for Law School? Im real determined.

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