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Thanks for the help.  I'm just getting around LSN researching schools and applicants w/ similar numbers, I'm pretty blown away by some of their acceptances/$$ offers.  Encouraging...

Thank you for the advice. I figured the personal statement was going to be pretty important to at least shed some light on how it could possibly take 11 years to finish 4 years of work.  Was hopeful that my business experience and working while in school would help but I guess it doesn't matter how many hours are worked outside of school if the result is a 2.7.  I'll continue to research on LSN to target schools.  I plan on sending applications everywhere that I possibly can and taking advantage of the best opportunity.

I’m interested applying in the 2012/2013 cycle and wanted to see if anyone else has been successful with a similar situation.  Until considering law school I didn’t have a sense of purpose and was just going through the motions in most of my classes or not going through them at all.  The final 40 credits of undergrad were all A’s but left me with a LSDAS GPA of 2.78 and a institution GPA of 2.9.  I will take the LSAT in October 2012 and have been consistently testing 166-170 range.  My hope is that with continued study and a course I will be able to hit the 170 mark on test day.  I’m not overly concerned with rankings, meaning I do not care about going to T14 but I would like to go to a decent school with affordable tuition (probably public unless $$ is available.) Thoughts/Suggestions?

•   Started first real business at 18 while attending large state school successfully built the business for 5 years while attending school.
•   Sold first business and started real estate investment/development firm at 23 (30 now)
•   First 5 years focused on single homes and vacant land then moved on to multi-unit development last year
•   Currently building waterfront development in South Florida
•   10+ years to finish undergrad
•   Unbelievably erratic transcript including many W's
•   Didn't really have a purpose or reason to make school a priority over my business until deciding to pursue law school
•   Last 40 credits of UG have been all A’s
•   Have been self employed and working 60hrs+ while in school

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