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Also... I'm sure you Jack and the other bloggers all live in Cali.??. But.... what is your impression on the job market for students graduating from schools like SD, SC, McGeorge (t2, t3). I'm looking at more govt. type work and not big law.

All these schools boast job placements in the 90%s after nine months but I don't trust these numbers. Half of them could be working at Starbucks. I live in Texas but have always wanted to practice law and live in California... so why not do both at the same time, right?

It's tough to get an impression of the state without being there.... I know in Texas, I could go to Tech and it probably wouldn't be to tough to get an ADA job in the panhandle etc...

What's your impression?

Thanks Roald. I think you're probably right. What would your advice be on possibly retaking the LSAT to shoot for a 160 or to just keep my scores as is... all for the sole purpose of having a decent chance into the 50th - 100ish schools, Loyola, USD, SCU, Hawaii, McGeorge (think Hawaii and McGeorge are good possibilities as is... so really the first three).

If perhaps my scores as of now would pass the litmus test for my soft factors to be considered, then I'd probably skip the second LSAT and see what happens. I'd have a decent chance. But, If these first three schools would just toss my app out as Davis probably would, then I'd definitely want to retake. Essentially, could I get past the first round with the Loyola, USD, and SCU? Ultimately, my goal when I started this deal was to attend a top 100 school in California.

Speaking of which... what do you guys know of McGeorge and Hawaii. They are at the top of the tier three. I'm from Texas and the McGeorge of Texas would probably be Texas Tech, which is considered a "good" school here in Texas. Bar passage rate beats UT Law grads, I've heard they teach more to pass the bar where UT focuses on more of a  philosophic approach. Tech is at the top of the list in the "value" school category. Decent academics, low cost, good shot to pass bar, and to have employment in the region Panhandle and North Texas regions.

What's the word on McGeorge and Hawaii who are essentially tied with Tech in rankings.

Appreciate the feedback everyone.

Thanks for the good advice... I wasn't aware of the filtering system before the soft factors are considered, despite the dean at Berkeley saying he "reads the personal statement before looking at any other application factor..." when considering candidates.

I was scoring 157s - 159s on my timed practice exams, but I think anxiety sometimes gets the best of me and probably hurt my score during the actual exam. A 160 would put me closer to the middle of the pack with Loyola, USD, SCU, and Hawaii. Maybe a retake for a 160 would be a good call for these schools bc they'll take a serious look at the soft factors.

I cringe when I think about retaking though; I busted it when I prepped so it's not like I went in there and took it cold. My cerebral max is probably a 161-162.  That test is abominable and deserves to be thrown into the lake of eternal fires.

Looking to apply for Fall 2013 admissions. LSAT - 155 (first attempt), GPA - 3.25. I'm a 26 year old male, studied English at Texas Tech University and have taught three years of high school English, about to begin my fourth year. The high schools I've been teaching in are urban/title I schools. I hold a Texas Educators Certificate and a Real Estate Salesperson Certificate (sold real estate for one year between my third and soon to begin fourth year of teaching).

Wondering what my admission chances will be.... I know my LSAT and GPA scores are average, but I'm hoping my professional career, personal statement, and letters of recommendations will pull some serious weight.

Ultimate dream schools are Berkeley, Davis, and Hastings... and this here ladies and gentlemen is why they call them "dream" schools. I'm pretty much embarrassed to even give five seconds to think of attending the first two. Looking to apply to Loyola (CA), San Diego, Santa Clara, University of Pacific, and University of Hawaii.

Any troll can google admission statistics and figure out their chances from numbers alone. So I'm really looking for some solid advice/wisdom as to how much my professional background might pull in being admitted to the schools listed above.

Peace and Love.

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