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I don't know Kent, but some admission offices are unbelievably disorganized.  I had a friend who ended up going to one law school and never even heard from one of the schools she applied to, UDC. Don't know when she applied though. Fortunately for her, UDC was only a safety and she thought it was just funny.

Is your application complete?

It being this long, if I were you and wanted to go to Kent, I would email or call them.  They should being pulling people off the waitlist by now.  You should have heard from them by now one way or the other.

It's just haunting me all day long. Somehow at the beginning I took it seriously. There hasnt been any contact since then.

I guess you are right. I would probably be the one to end it this way. I have been over-prepared long ago.

Thank you!

I applied Kent law in Feb, but have not heard from it yet.

Is this common?
Could anyone give me a clue please?

It is said you cannot write to them until the decision reaches you.

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