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I just graduated from UC Berkeley. I'm going to be applying to law school in the Fall and am trying to come up with a topic for my personal statement. When I was a freshman in college, I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship that lasted for a year and a half. After that time, I did a lot of volunteering at elementary schools in Berkeley and Oakland. I met several young girls whose fathers were abusive towards both them and their mothers. This has influenced my decision to go to law school, as I want to help victims of domestic abuse, particularly those victims who cannot afford attorneys. But I don't know if it's ok to talk about this in my personal statement. If I were to discuss it, I would most certainly not portray myself as a victim. Rather, I would say that my experiences have given me a unique perspective on life, and have further incentivized me to apply to law school. Still, I'm afraid of coming across as a victim. Any thoughts?

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