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Hello Swede1,

I find it more interesting that this was construed as offensive. Having lived in the South for a decade, I am not surprised at the use of Mister. LadyLawyer has expressed exactly what she meant. The use of capitals indicates to me that she was using humor to ask an uncomfortable question. And, I figure that everyone on here has enough education to determine why a person would ask if there was a racial slur intended or not. Further, we all read the news and should understand that race issues are a problem. Here in GA, teachers in two counties (economically prosperous counties) were using slave questions in the math homework that was assigned recently. Regardless, I do not think LadyLawyer was attempting to start a race war. She merely asked and used the word Mister which most reasonable people would consider the mildest of slurs (though I maintain that Lady Lawyer could have done far better if that is what she intended).

Regardless, your resulting point I agree with as in a forum like this, it is hard to determine the tone of a statement. I have just joined this forum and have read through some of the posts on other threads and it is ridiculous how rude people seem to want to be. In my opinion, we are all striving toward or have achieved the same goal. So, what is the point of arguing over which school or which person's goal is superior? I know with finals coming up, I do not have the time.

Back to the books. Good luck to all whatever is ahead of you.


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