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Hi everyone,
    So I am having a lot of trouble deciding between CUNY Law and RWU. I want to do public interest law, specifically working on immigrant rights and labor organizing, and CUNY seems to be a perfect fit, I really like their programs and professors and living in NYC would be fantastic for connecting to radical legal organizations. However, they are not offering me any money, and RWU has offered me full tuition as a public interest scholar and honors student. I've tried to leverage some money from CUNY and they said that they are considering me for a 5,000 scholarship, no promises. RWU has an immigration clinic that i would be interested in and their public interest center seems really helpful and accessible and they really want me to go. Also, as the only law school in rhode island they claim to have almost exclusive access to the local and state courts for internships etc. CUNY seems a bit like they couldn't care less whether or not I enrolled.

So CUNY would be almost 50,000 of debt over 3 years in tuition alone. Luckily my partner will be helping to support me so the living expenses wont demand much more of a loan. My question: is CUNY's program really that much better than RWU? Or should I suck it up and forego living in NYC and being surrounded by leftist law students at CUNY?

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