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So, as the U.S. News and World Report rankings were released recently, I've found my decision to attend one law school in question. Last Wednesday, after months of consideration and waiting for scholarship offers, I went ahead and dropped the $700 seat deposit for MSU. I know, they may not be a tier 1 school, but they are giving me about 50%+ of tuition via scholarship, my family all live in the state of Michigan, and I have friend who is a 3L and could give me the inside scoop at this school (I have realized I know nothing about law school).

However, in the rankings MSU is listed at 82 (not the most desirable position), with the median income as $70k private sector (encouraging, but not necessarily enough to pay the loans). Arizona State University--which I got into and received a 1L scholarship of $10k with a 2 & 3L scholarship of only $5k--has just moved up to 26. I know that all law school acceptance decisions are not fraught with the same challenges for everyone, but I'm running into this common conundrum: Everyone says "go to the highest ranked school that accepts you" (ASU), BUT current wisdom out there also says "paying off law school loans is difficult, so pick the school who gives you the most money" (MSU). So, where am I supposed to go???!!!

ASU is ranked well and would be in-state tuition since I have lived in Arizona the past 2 years working here. However, MSU is where my family is and where I'd feel comfortable if things got hard. ASU would give a median income of $90k to MSU's $70k, which means more money to pay my debt. I guess they'd end up costing roughly the same over time, if I were able to renew my MSU scholarship and get a slightly higher ASU scholarship (don't see how though). The one thing that keeps bugging me about ALL of this is that BOTH moved up in the ranks about 15 spots just this year! So how fluid are these changes?? And are employers going to care since neither is a top 10?

I just want to find a job! And the other factor in the mix: I currently live with my boyfriend (who'd be happy to do long distance after he moves to Michigan for residency this summer if I wanted him to), but if I stay in Arizona, I will literally have no friends, family, or significant other here if I fall on my butt and need help. Or get a flat. Or just have a bad day. This is not something I'm comfortable with. Just to make this clear though, I am NOT considering moving back to Michigan (and attending MSU) for a man. Not at all.  In fact, we'd live together in East Lansing but he would still end up being gone to different audition rotations about 80% of the time during my 1L year. I'm just including information about him and my family to show that I'd have a much stronger in person support system in Michigan than in Arizona. And if law school is anything like what I've heard, I will need this.

Please give me some input here! I could use the ideas and perspectives.

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