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I can't say that my plan won't change, but right now I'm especially interested in international immigration/migration, refugees and asylum, and international conflict. 

I'm a non traditional student (read 31 and just getting her B.A.) that is also ex-military.  I've lived everywhere from Alaska to Oklahoma (and a month in Turkey) but although I've never lived on the east coast, I transition easily and acclimate well to my surroundings.  I also make friends fairly quickly.  Therefore, when it comes to issues that concern me in choosing a law school, location and knowledge of it is my least concern. 

I guess my flat-out, number one concern with choosing a school is future employment.  I've slept on many a couch and housesat for months because of the instability of the job market here in Oregon.  What I really want to know is with the school I choose, can I get a job when I graduate? 

Thank you for your helpful advice.  My dilema is that I want to live and work internationally, thus I intend to study international law.  So, is where I want to live when considering the region the school is in an important factor to consider?

I'm leaning toward Rhode Island because it is so much closer to Washington, D.C.  They've offered me a $7,500/yr dean's award which I will continued to receive if I remain in good standing.  Also, I've also considered attempting to transfer to a D.C. school after completing my first year and I am assuming that being on the East Coast will make that easier, but again that's just an assumption.   

Any thoughts, feelings on that?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Making a Decision: Rank over Tuition
« on: February 27, 2012, 01:48:39 PM »
I've been accepted into Gonzaga, Cal Western, St. Mary's, and Roger Williams.  I'm now stuck with the decision of choosing one law school to attend over another. 

The tuition of the schools I've been accepted by ranges from $28K to $41K per year and the cost of living varies as well.  Among the four schools, Gonzaga is ranked highest.  I want to minimize the amount of debt I accumulate but I also want to be able to get a job when I graduate. 

The stress of ending my senior year in undergrad along with deciding on a school is growing!  How can this decision be made easier?  What are the most important factors to consider?

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