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I attend Howard undergrad and if you decide to attend this school I would advise you to make positively sure Howard is where you want to be cause it is a serious struggle.The professors, national knowledge of the school, and homecoming are definite pluses but at the same time the fighting with administration building , red tape with faculty, and constant rising tuition is a struggle. A very deep struggle. Howard is really what you make it. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy there is honestly no in between. I am currently studying legal communications as a undergrad on the pre-law track so I have spent a good amount of time at HU law and the law library. HU Law students are highly sought out especially in a city like Washington DC but being a HU Law student requires a lot of battles outside the class room that many students feel is unnecessary especially because of how much money students spend to attend the school. I would STRONGLY suggest that you visit the school and really dissect the pro's and con's before deciding to attend.   

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