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Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Cooley Review
« on: February 29, 2012, 08:52:13 PM »
Riverview is NOT a business district!  Riverview is a small area of mostly old people and trailor parks.  Shame on the ABA for allowing another law school in FL which already has TOO MANY ATTORNEYS and is getting an overloaded legal market. 

Riverview is not even close to a beach and about an hour away from any decent mall.  IT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and their weather is a good 5 to 10 degrees colder than the Tampa area

Riverview is outside of the Tampa Bay area

Stetson is in the Tampa Bay area

There is no reason to go to Cooley/Riverview hen you can go to Barry, Ave Maria, St. Thomas, Nova, FL International, FL Coastal.....
FL coastal is a big Cooley competitor and Cooley loses a lot of students to them.

Shame on the ABA for doing this to Florida and the students that go to schools there whose degrees will now drop in value but rise in cost thanks to an oversupply -and thus lowering of demand - for attorneys in FL.

hey everyone I am starting a website to help the academically dismissed.  I have an email for it -
I am not making money I just want to see people not have to go through what I did.  Plus, these schools almost seem to enjoy doing it AND they cheapen the profession.  and the ABA....  no more law schools, in fact I am in favor of shrinking the ones with the higest attrition and most negative environments, if not shutting them down...

Anyways I will stop being negative (although honest)

I would lvoe input from people that were dismissed and readmitted, dismissed and moved on, or those who were dismissed adn in the process of restating or petitioning to be put back into their school.

Best of Luck to everyone

-LS Buddy

Current Law Students / Re: Law Schools To Avoid At All Costs!
« on: January 22, 2012, 04:30:31 PM »
Avoid any school wiht an attrition rate over 5%, especially if that is a rate that stays constant from year to year.  These schools categorically kick out the bottom portions of the class.  They usually have a less sophisticated faculty and staff, poor student support services, and most of the faculty staff see it as a clock in/out job.

I would not say avoid a school based on its tier, but only the attrition rates

I think you forgot Applachain State - they kick out the bottom 15%, but at least the own up to it before you even apply (their website) plus they seem unusually sophisticated for a school like that

Hey so sorry to hear about the dismissal.  JMLS is definitely a school that "weeds," I mean curves people out regardless of whether they have the ability to do so.  I was at Cooley and got dismissed after 4 terms and 45 credits.  I had 2 terms to bring it up.  started Summer 2007, last semester was summer 2008, got my dismissal letter in October 2008)  At the time I was in school I had severe insomnia, being abused/stalked by former boyfriend, he and the emotional problems I fully alienated me from any support network, and the school did not have anything they could do to help me and I do not know that they could have or were technically required to (and b/c of their recent lawsuit, I will decline to comment on the school's response to me seeking out their assistance)  However, I did average my 1st trimester and this might have saved me in reapplications

So I swallowed my pride, moved in with my parents, worked full time + and spent all of my free time studying for the LSAT and getting my head on straight.  Turns out I am Bipolar I (but in my essays I wrote I had generalized anxiety disorder - I was misdiagnosed but even still that is a much easier mood disorder to deal with).  I went to therapy and we spent most of the time figuring out how I can get organized and do well in an academic setting.  I was promoted from legal assistant, to legal secretary and file clerk to paralegal.  I became very well-versed in legal software and grew connections in the legal community (but did not use a single one of them for my recommendation letters, jsut used the old ones from my 1st round).

Anyways, I studied on and off for 10 months.  I quit my job in Novemember to get my essays in order, understand the reapplication process, call everyone on every admissions committe at any school with low attrition rates.  All I wanted was readmission and to get on with my life, but I wanted to be healthy even more than that.

To make a long story short, re-took the LSAT in February 2010, got a 162.  My original score was a 154.  my UGPA was a 2.8 (prestigious school though, got over 1300 on 2002 SAT)

Anyways, I wrote addendum on how this shows how I have gotten myself together and this essay worked most of the time.  Private schools were more receptive than public schools.  I got 2 full rides to T3 schools.  One school dean asked to make an appointment to meet face to face and that he would fly across the country (he was from a school in the Pacific time zone, I was eastern time zone) to talk to me about his school (I received a full-ride there). 

the first school I got into was a private school in the midwest in the top 100.  Thinking it was a fluke I called them to make sure they knew I was dismissed before.  The person that answered the phone said she personally revieewed my applicatioin, that I was reviewed by the entire admissions committee twice, and that she was excited to meet me in the fall, or at least to see me at an open house.  She also said she believes I definietely have the capacity to do well at the school and that the school will do anything they can to make sure I succeed. - so of course this is the school I went to.

I had a lot of people in my life frustrated with me.  They thought this was a pipe dream, that I was wasting my time and that I needed to give up.  F*ck them!  Never let anyone tell you know, and keep asking how.  Get creative, and make the most of what you have.  And if you don't get in, there are a lot of other jobs out there that pay better and have fewer hours. 

No matter what, I put everything into it and had the chance to get closure.  Do not ever let another's view of you affect how you feel about yourself or what you believe your potential is.

I really hope you get back in.  to anyone else that got dismissed, I hope that you get closure (but more than that  hope you get into a better school.

everyday I walk into school I feel like Cinderella and I am so grateful for the people who believed in me, or least pretended to.

GOOD LUCK!!! hope this helps!!!

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