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Also, I most likely plan on staying in DC and am hoping for a BigLaw job perhaps after but moving after law school at least temporarily and non BigLaw preference like govt work are also a possibility.

Choosing the Right Law School / MARYLAND VS. GW VS. SOMEWHERE ELSE??
« on: April 02, 2012, 11:50:37 AM »
Hey All.

I am 23, and currently work as a Contract Specialist for the Navy. I am applying to law school in the fall and hoping to keep my job (possibly use my government contracts/acquisitions experience after graduation for govt. contracts attorney job), get into a part-time program but not exactly sure what the best choice for me/chances would be with local schools. I also would really prefer not to be bogged down with too much debt when I graduate and that's a major concern for me.

I am thinking - GW (early decision possibly to increase my chances), George Mason, University of Maryland, Georgetown (MAJOR reach). UMD and GW are my top two, I would say. GW has a top govt. contracts program and some other good fields that I am interested in. Maryland is significantly cheaper (I live in MD). Interested if anyone has insight into my odds/thoughts on what would be best for career and just general future post-grad?? Or do I even have a shot of getting into anything except for MD

GPA approx 3.25 (I graduated early in 3 years, so my gpa suffered a bit, I also did not always study my ass off like I should have)
LSAT (without prep course which I start next month) don't know yet..
3 years since I've graduated/work experience/good recommendations

Thank you

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