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Thank you for your reply. The information you provided was helpful. I was leaning towards Northwestern as well. My only concern is the lack of upgraded learning interface. I understand Northwestern uses Blackboard. From I understanding, Blackboard is not the most user-friendly interface. Other schools such as Cal Southern U  have a much user friend interface. However, other schools do not have a "Baby Bar" passrate as high as Northwestern. Althougth I read an article that Cal. Souther U had a 67% Baby Bar pass rate back in 2010. I was wondering if this was true.

Like you, I plan to take the bar in California. I live in the Washington DC area and I understand that Northwestern students have sat for the DC bar exam and passed.

Let me know if there are any others who have any feedback regarding the school. I plan to enroll in the April/May timeframe (in Northwestern).

Thanks again.

I am trying to find the best online law (JD) program. I see conflicting information on the web. Does anyone have any input. I am interested in taking the bar in California. I like the best preparation. Can you suggest any prep or tutoring services for the "Baby Bar" also. Thank you!

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