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that's a good idea.  thanks for the tip.

I'm a software engineer in the silicon valley area.  i'm interested in finding out about tech IP law.  i also have a passing interest in policy regarding software patents, which is just a clusterf**k right now.  in addition to the job prospects, i really need to find out whether i won't hate the day to day tasks involved with doing the job.

your point had already been taken, though i would like to pick your brain further. 

is the oversupply of lawyers pervasive across all specialties, or is it endemic to those with a humanities/social science B.A. + JD?  do you know where i can find comprehensive statistics about employment prospects and salary for lawyers according to specialty?

you sound somewhat cynical, but i do understand your argument about their lack of incentive to mentor someone whom they cannot also use for their purposes.

thanks for the info.  i will make inquiries in other places.

I will take that under advisement.  What I really want is a way to start a network of contacts and to get advice from practicing lawyers (in tech) so that I know what I am getting myself into before I apply to law school and switch careers.

hello all.  i am a silicon valley software engineer who wants to (potentially) switch career paths.  i want to get a better sense of which fields of law i might be interested in (preferably those that leverage my math and computer science background) by volunteering at a law firm in the silicon valley area.  can you guys give me tips about how to approach a tech law firm about the possibility of volunteering?  how else may i get exposure to the field before applying to law schools?

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