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Current Law Students / Question for Law School Students!!! Please help!
« on: September 16, 2011, 07:04:00 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I am not a law school student but I am trying to seek some legal advice. I have contacted numerous lawyers and none of them was able to help me out!!

I am in a pretty difficult situation right now. So what happened is I have been dismissed by my school (public university) due to inconsistent academic performance. However, part of my academic performance was due to a learning disability. I am also diagnosed with major depression since I started the program which also affected my academic performance. I was not provided disability accommodations for the first two years with the school and was struggling academically. However, after the accommodations was put into place, I was doing better. For the past year, I have been doing fairly well and was very on top of things. It was my last year of the program where I was doing rotations (internship) and had a bad evaluation from a preceptor which caused me to fail a 6 unit rotation. I needed to take some courses to improve my GPA so I appealed to have a 6 week extension to the school’s 6 year policy. However, it was denied and I was not given a reason. When I met with a faculty member, they said they denied because I have been inconsistent with my academic performance "wanted me to get my life back together before starting school again"

I would like to seek some legal advice. I have over 100k of student loans from this program and I feel that it is inappropriate to dismiss me at this point. It is my last year and I just need a 6 week extension to finish rotations.

Do I have a case and should I fight with the public school system? I have contacted disability lawyers and none of them deal with learning disability. The lawyers that deal with education law are way too expensive for me at this point. I also contacted lawyers for low income clients but most of them deal with criminal defense or bankruptcy or other civil matters but none of it would come close to my case.

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you very much!

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