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Transferring / Re: Class rank: Ratio --> %
« on: July 31, 2011, 03:11:17 PM »
You always round up. I was at the top ~1.03% after my 1L year. On my resume for OCI I just listed my rank without the percentages marked. If I were to list my percentage on my resume I would have to list it as top 2% or if I knew the top 1% cutoff (I don' only releases cut offs in 5% groups) I could list it as: Rank X/XXX (Top 1% = 3.9XX GPA).

Transferring / Re: Transfer from low T4 w/scholarship to T2 w/o?
« on: July 31, 2011, 03:07:05 PM »
All around bad choices, but you might as well transfer, especially if the T4 is not in the market you want to work at. As mentioned earlier, you are unlikely to get a professor job as they tend to require huge qualifications. Hardly any professor at my school earned their JD outside Harvard or Yale. A handful have JDs from Stanford, Chicago, Columbia, NYU, etc. I think the lowest ranked school any of our tenured professors are from is a lower T1 school, and he was just a writing professor (easier to get usually). Lower ranked schools sometimes dip lower for professors, but even most T4s have professors from top schools. Not to mention most law professors are in the order of the coif (top 10% of their schools). Realistically, a T2 grad would have to do something phenomenol to have a shot at a tenured law professor position (adjuncts are much easier to get but they earn very little).

Attending Chapman without a sizeable scholarship is a bad return on investment. If you are willing to be a lawyer even if it means a lesser return of value on your money, then by all means attend Chapman. For all intents and purposes, Chapman is a Tier 3 school (yes it fluctuates to the 2nd tier every now and then). Your prospects from a tier 3 school will be poor unless you place at the top of your class.  If you are fine with earning around 50k when you graduate and working 60+ hour weeks, then feel free to attend Chapman.

T14 schools are usually worth the risk at sticker. Some T1 schools can be worth the risk at sticker because although they are regional, they tend to place well in their region. T2 schools are questionable, and one who really wants to go into law can consider them at sticker. T3 and T4 schools will result in poor prospects unless you are at the top 10% or so of your class. Everyone intends to be at the top of their class, but most fail to do so.

If you are determined to go to law school, consider delaying it a year and raising your LSAT score. Anyone can raise their LSAT score with practice. I know people who had 150s who raise their score to the 165-175 range by actually studying for the LSAT. Raising your score will get you admissions to better schools or at the very least scholarships to some of the lesser schools. If you must go to law school now, feel free to give Chapman a shot. Just be aware that you will most likely earn something in the 50-70k range and will face student loan repayments of 1-2k/month (IBR might soften this in the short term but as your pay rises it won't).

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