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I have a $$ offer from Cleveland Marshall. I took the LSAT with a plan to apply to schools this fall, but realized that I can apply to a few for fall 2011. Now, I am having serious doubts about attending. I want to have more options about where to go, have a better shot at getting more scholarships, and retake in October for a shot at doing better. That, and I absolutely do not want to work in Cleveland. I tried to rationalize CSU by saying to myself "If I try hard enough I can end up working in CA, NY or anywhere besides Cleveland," but I feel like that's ignoring the reality. I like the opportunity to take the next step and start school, to not have to do various somewhat menial work for another year - frankly I am a little impatient about this. So I am finding it hard to stick to a decision about whether to go or not. 

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