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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: florida coastal or northern ky..
« on: March 28, 2006, 08:31:25 PM »
I am in at both as well. I grew up in Florida, but now live closer to NK. Either one of them throw money your way? Look, I am accepted to both of those two places, and a couple of others I really targeted. You can check out my LSN profile.

But the thing is, I keep coming back to FCSL. Maybe it is just getting back near where I grew up (St. George Island, ~ three hours from Jacksonville, in the Northern Gulf), maybe the weather, not sure yet. And I need to make up my mind as well. I originally liked Dayton and the two year program. I also Liked WVU, where I went to undergrad, and am very comfortable. I am in both. I am also still waiting on four that I would rather go to than any I am in so far. But this late in the game, I have to think my chances are slim for those four. 

But FCSL....just very attractive to me. Between the two you list, I would go to FCSL. Buildings/facilities are a big deal for me, one of the reasons I liked Dayton. I am going to go to Jacksonville (been to many Gator bowls down there, know the town well, etc.) and check out the school. If the new Florida coastal Building is a nice as it looks....well, going to be hard to pass up. Have you visited both? I am going to drive down there either late this week, or early next. I have to see it to know for sure. 

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