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Politics and Law-Related News / Re: AAMPLE PROGRAM at NOVA
« on: July 11, 2011, 01:24:14 AM »
Hey To all Would-be or going to be AAMPLE Students,

I just completed the AAMPLE program at Nova. It is the summer of 2011 and I’m sure anyone reading this will be reading it a year from now or later lol. I’m posting to tell you that this program is legit.

I know what you’re going thru...your staying up late, worrying that your dreams of becoming a lawyer is getting washed away by that horribly written standardized test known as the LSAT and now you’re considering a program that sounds expensive, sounds desperate and provides no guarantees. What is worse is that your late nights are spent reading threads like this one that scare the living hell out of you. Every time you think of AAMPLE you feel like Neo felt when Morpheus offered him to choose between the blue or red pill. For us the blue pill is not going to AAMPLE and stay in fairy-tale land and possibly live the rest of your life never knowing whether you have what it takes to be a law student or take the red pill and go to AAMPLE and face reality and find out for sure whether you have what it takes or not. That is what I think most are afraid of with this program. Poor LSAT scores is an excellent excuse for one to make for the rest of their life why they didn’t become a lawyer. AAMPLE is not an excuse it is a reason.

I don’t know the specific policies with regard to the secrecy to the program and this thread might be tapped so I will tell you as much as I think I can. Other than that I say take the extra step and be Alice and follow the bunny lol and email me if you have any other additional questions. Alright, I’ve had enough Matrix references.

I can’t talk for other schools. But I can talk for NOVA and I will say that they tried their best to live up to what they say on their site. The program director was always there to answer questions, the professors were there all day to help you out with things you didn’t understand and even though all the amenities of the school were not at our disposal…with a good personality and a nice smile you could use any facility (gym, library, etc).  The program is exactly as they say it is because Its 2 real law school classes. In fact they are law school classes that one would probably take in their 2nd or 3rd year and if they were taking these very same classes in the summer they would be accelerated the same as these are. And that’s exactly it…as simple as that might seem I think that is where most of the participants lost each other at.  As far as rumors or myths go with NOVA specifically…READ and UNDERSTAND what AAMPLE is. I can vouch that everything they say on there will become true or they will try their best to make true.

Oh one thing that was getting to me when I in your position was the 3500 dollar tuition. I remember reading one time on one of these sites that 3500 dollars is too much to pay to see if you could make it in law school. They said that they have mock law school classes you could attend.  Kaplan must of put that because there is no one day class that could make you have an epiphany and realize that law is or isn’t for you.  Law school isn’t just about going to class it is about the type of things we are doing now.  The moments in our brains that make us think, want to learn, move forward, the trials and tribulations that truly test one’s own dedication.  The ability to teach oneself cannot be duplicated or shown in an hour mock class. Another one I hated reading was that you should re-take the LSAT. Who would ever want to do that again or do it more than once? That is more a mental torture to me than any class ever could do to me.  Obviously I am a bit bitter toward standardized testing…I think this is a failure of the American school systems lol. Let’s not get into that. At the end of the day 3500 hundred dollars could put a temporary dent in your wallet that gave you insight into knowing for sure whether you’d make it in Law school or an extra 3 dollars a month  on top of your already close to a small fortune future student loan debt. Life is a gamble…play.  I’m pretty sure at some point in your college career most of you have spent 3500 dollars in a month at the club or at forever 21 lol. Oh and some expressed concern that they just want your money. Well…duh!!! Why would anyone start a law school? For charity? We are going to be lawyers…a job based around and for money.  This is a fact of life. Oh and they have conspiracies about that if they wanted you they would have accepted you from the beginning. I don’t think this is the case. Because number 1…why wouldn’t they want everyone to pass? That’s an extra 100,000 dollars at the end of the day from each and every person that passes. I mean of course they are not going to let everyone in because even though they are in the business of making money they are not going to let someone in that is going to fail out, ruin their attrition rate and at the end of the day another failure is another 100,000 dollars they are not going to get. Think reality people. And you’ll get your answers.

In conclusion…I wish you luck. I will say it is going to be challenging. Remember it is designed to find out if you have what it takes.  You will be treated as an adult. No one is going to be there to pat you along. It is a very personal challenge that will test you and insult you mentally. It is a program that is very demanding and deserves your undivided attention. If I was to do it again in my next life I would stay on campus or in some underground military hanger so that your family, friends, daughters and sons can’t distract you. Your personal life does not matter here.  The only thing in AAMPLE that matters is only personal revelation and casebooks lol. I will apologize if this is not helpful enough. I just wanted to cheer whoever you are up and make you know that you aren’t alone. As I said no one is going to baby you and I am not either. One part of AAMPLE is self discovery. I sought the truth and I want you to do it too. I want you to see how far the rabbit hole goes. I can help you more hands on if you inquire further. I’m not trying to make friends either (dear god I have too many already) I am paying it forward. A certain student that graduated this year…the same year I took AAMPLE helped me out a lot. He also was an AAMPLE grad. I feel it is my duty to do the same (yes honor still exists lol). Alright Candidate…eyes on the gold and if you’re cocky remember…Your Not a Jedi…Yet

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