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I sat in a first year Civil Pro class last fall visiting Minnesota Law.....

The professor in that class was pretty amazing-charismatic and intelligent.

I was on the edge of my seat (listening to discussions about diversity jurisdiction of all things..........


Thanks a lot for the info guys.

I guess I don't have to kill myself now.


Take a look at these.

Wherever you decide to apply, apply very early (ideally, when the apps first become available, but if that's not possible, no later than Oct. 31 or so). 

You might also want to consider applying early decision somewhere (Columbia, Michigan, and NYU all offer it).  The disadvantage with that is you don't have other offers from which to negotiate scholarships. 

Thanks for the info and link.

I will def. apply early.  :)

Thanks a lot for the info guys.

I guess I don't have to kill myself now.


Some people say that the LSAC people have a way of knowing where all you went to school, and other background type info, but I'm not sure how true this is.  I've never read on their website that they do any sort of background type check.

To be honest, I think there definitely are people out there that who have probably hidden things like taking a couple classes at a different college from where they got their degree and have never been caught, but it's not worth the risk.  You don't want to spend 3 years hoping that no one catches your secret.  Especially since the character and fitness stuff doesn't happen till your 2nd or 3rd year there's a big potential for you to waste tons of money and tons of your time for absolutely no reason. 

I'm assuming you took these grad classes at a different college than from the place you're getting your degree, right?  Did you ever transfer anything from that college to your current college?

Actually I'm out of college for two years....

and unfortunately I took the grad software class at the same UG college (although a year after I got my B.A in Business).

and the class I got for F is Database managment...and I just didn't understand the concept.

yeah.  i know it sucks, but there's not really an option.  Especially since it was a computer science class that you received an F (has nothing to do with law school other than the fact it's a graduate level course), I think you will be able to explain this in the addendum.  You're going to have to explain why it was an F though.  Why were you able to get Bs in the other classes, but not this one?  You'll have to explain that as well I think since they'll notice the discrepancy in your graduate transcript.  I've heard that maximum length addendums should be is 2 paragraphs, and even that is a lot longer than I think you need.  I'd aim for one short and to the point paragraph. 

thanks man,

life sucks sometimes........


also, does LSAC investigates when they get your file from LSDAS?


so I do have to send in the transcripts for that class......... :(

Hi guys I have a question:

I have a 3.3 UGPA(LSDAS) and 175 LSAT score (Iím aiming for Minnesota Law since I think my numbers are good enough for them)

However I have a blemish on my record: I got a F in a grad computer science class ( I took three grad computer science classes before deciding that computers/software isn't for me and dropped out of the program). The other two classes I got B- and B+.

Am I screwed (since it showed that I couldnít muster grad school?) despite my ok UGPA and good LSAT score?

Also do I need to send in the transcripts of those three grad classes that I took?

Thanks a lot for the advice; Iím suicidal sometimes just thinking about that dreadful software class-it didnít help the matters that I didnít get along with the professor.


Law School Admissions / Re: Classes taken after college
« on: December 24, 2005, 09:53:54 PM »
i have the same issues:

i took 3 masters level classes a year after i graduated (and recived) my undergrad degree.

i did fine on two of them but did terribly on the third one.

will that affect my admission chances?

btw i have no plan of getting a masters degree in that field (just took it to get an IT related job).

thanks a lot  :)

do i need to update LSDAS a grad level class i took last semester?

i'm out of college for one year and I have no plan to receive a masters degree from that program.

i'm curious because i have good UG GPA but i did not do well on that grad level course (so im affraid law school people will look at me badly).

thanks  :)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Best Laptop for Law School?
« on: June 13, 2005, 03:24:14 PM »
so what do you guys think about laptops on sell at bestbuy/circuit city/compusa..etc?

do you get a better deal online? [i assume the retailers add hefty margins to the price].

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