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Thanks for your input.

DePaul's grading curve is such that the top 35% of students are those with a 3.2 and above. Given my track record and my willingness to bust my ass, especially the first year, I think I can manage to be in the top third of my class. I guess my question really boils down to which school would give me a more promising career path after graduation...

Hello all,

I have a difficult decision to make in the coming days. I was accepted at Kent and DePaul. Kent did not give me money while DePaul gave me $8000 a year provided I keep my GPA above 3.2. I am not sure yet exactly what branch of law I would like to go into. I am aware that Kent has nicer facilities as I have personally seen them; I have, however, not visited DePaul.

Any insight is appreciated.

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