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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: TULANE LAW SCHOOL THREAD
« on: June 25, 2006, 02:19:59 PM »
Hey withj.  I found a place looking through ads on both the Tulane Law School welcome website and the Tulane Univ. Off Campus Housing website.  I didn't think I'd ever find a place, but I went down for a few days about two weeks ago and ended up taking the first place I saw.  Here's a hint (especially for craigslist): try to schedule showings mostly with places with pics available.  Also, ask folks at the Tulane admissions office if a particular area is a good one for students to live in.  They're extremely helpful.  My first day in town I wasted a lot of time and gas  looking at places that were either in not so great looking neighborhoods or were the size of closets but tons of $$$.  If you have any questions, feel free to PM. 

Thanks everybody for the advice.  I hate waitlists.  They really play serious mind games with you.  I think I'm about to officially withdraw from the other ones I'm still on.  Tulane it is.  :)

Yeah, I've visited Tulane and I've been to New Orleans a handful of times since Katrina.  I really like it there (love it?), but I want to keep my options open.  I've never been to North Carolina before.  Wish I could at least visit before Monday, but that's not gonna happen. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Am I a fool???? Tulane$$$$ v. UNC$
« on: June 14, 2006, 05:45:24 PM »
Nice man from UNC-Chapel Hill called today to get an impression of my intent to stay on their waitlist.  I had no idea what to tell him so I said I'd consider it with money.  Their offer is 5,000/year.  Tulane's offer is 30,000/year.  I have an additional 7,000 for my 1st year and 6,000 for my 2nd year in outside scholarship money.  Tulane= full ride for first two years.  UNC= full ride for second year if I can obtain residency.  I'm supposed to call Monday to virtually assure the committee that if they accept me, I'll say yes.  I have no idea what to do.

Here's a little info about me: I'm pretty liberal.  I'm kinda sick of small towns (I've lived in them my whole life), but every town is different and I don't think I should judge Chapel Hill so quickly.  I'd love to practice in Atlanta, Houston, or somewhere in California.  I have no idea what I want to practice; I considered public interest, but now I have no idea. 

My immediate feeling was to say no, but I have no idea why I thought that.  I should at least give it some consideration.  Tell me what you think...

i think case is an awesome school.  if they gave me that offer i would jump at it.  what type of law does you friend want to practice?  howard is more civil rights oriented. 

She's only interested in corporate law and I have no idea if Howard is the right place for her in regards to that area of practice.  Inquirer said that there are a few old posts on this board about corporate law and HUSL, so I'll get her to look those up (I've been doing all the work so far).  She's just really freaking out about that deposit.  If she can't get that back, then she's SOL.  Why exactly would you jump at the chance to go to Case?  I don't know much about the school myself and I'm curious why you'd pick it over HUSL.

on second thought--i need to study...i can really only let you know about the area... :D

Any info would be great  :), especially anything dealing with housing around Case.


You have described almost every college in America. Where do you guys go?

If your friend has a decent face and a decent body, tell her I'll have conference with her. I support Black women who are looking for love. Part of my campaign will highlight my new plan designed to strengthen the family unit.

I'd like to tell you where we go to school, but I'd rather not on this board.  Can you send me a message and I can talk more about it that way?  Ha, I bet you will support her search for love.  Is there anything else I should know about your campaign? 

Inquirer, could you please elaborate more on your experiences at the postgraduate hbcu; how the teachers/administrators thought education was a game?  This isn't the first time I've heard this and I'd like to get your perspective on this subject. Also, what do you think about my roomie's aspirations for corporate law at Howard?  I've heard that the school isn't necessarily geared towards that area of the law, but I may have heard wrong...


How did she pay the deposit? If by check, she could always cancel. I'd take Howard over Case. As for keeping living costs low in DC, tell her to get two-bedroom and a roomie. I have some ideas for higher education financing. Look for the details in the near future when my campaign kicks into high gear.

Also, I am famously handsome. If your friend is above an 8.5, tell her she can work on my campaign.

Hey George, she paid by money order ( I don't think Howard accepts checks). Lol, what's your definition of an 8.5?


Your roommate should also not be decieved that she will find a man at HUSL b/c for every fine man, there are nearly three women (two of whom probably have the same intention) from whom that man can choose.  It seems a tad bit silly to choose a professional school based on the men.  If she's serious about school, she might not have enough time to focus on them anyway ;) Additionally, the HBCU experience is very different in grad/professional school than it is in UG. I went to an HBCU for UG (I actually decided on it b/c of cute guys - and a full ride - but that was a choice I made when I was 18 and trying to have fun, not when I was older and trying to get a high paying job) and I took some courses at one for a year of post-graduate work.  It definitely was NOT the same. There are things about HBCU's that are cool in UG that very quickly become irksome in post-graduate life. I loved every minute of UG, but nearly slapped the mess out of some administrators - and teachers -in grad school for not being professional and acting like education was a game.

HU seems like a great school and the students, faculty and staff seem committed to being stellar, so I'm not trying to dissaude her from going to HUSL, but I do believe that she should do whatever her heart - and head - is telling her. Do me a favor though, please tell her that she should be very serious about this choice and avoid making decisions based on stuff like the looks of her potential classmates :)


P.S. -- Technically, living "on campus" at HUSL is living "off campus" because the school has no housing on the site.  The "on campus" housing is located at the undergraduate school located a few miles away from the law school.


Hey Inquirer.  I was just joking at the end about her going to HUSL just for the men (it's been a running joke b/w us and I should've maybe left it alone).  She wants to have some fun, but she's a pretty serious student and wants a successful career.  We both realize that the intensity of law school will diminish the hbcu experience to an extent.  I think I should clarify what I mean by hbcu experience:  I realize that she won't get to have the hbcu undergrad experience, but she'll enjoy Howard for the simple fact that there are black people in abundance.  At our undergrad, you pretty much get excited if there's any social function with even a large number of blacks attending.  In many of our classes, we're one of a handful of black students or even the only one (including classes that focus on African-American studies).  I just think that Howard would be good for her in regards to a level of comfort that we haven't experienced before.

Black Law Students / Here's Another One: Howard vs. Case Western...
« on: May 02, 2006, 03:44:43 PM »
My roommate just sent off a seat deposit + enrollment fee ($500?) to Howard on Friday; they haven't received it yet.  She got a call from Case Western today. They're giving her $23,000/yr, while Howard's giving her $7500/yr.  Tuition @ Case Western = $33,000; Howard = $18,000.  She'll be paying about the same out of pocket for tuition, but she likes the fact that Cleveland has a lower cost of living and that it's somewhat closer to home.  We're both pretty broke and living cheap in MS.  She really wants to live in a one bedroom apt. off campus.  At Howard, she'll absolutely have to live on campus to keep costs down. I'm thinking of telling her that Howard is the best route.  What do y'all think she should do?  We go to a predominantly Caucasian school and I think she'd really like the HBCU experience that she'd get at Howard Law.  Do you think she could get her deposit back if she asks very, very, very nicely and soon?  She's tearing her hair out right now and I'm not much help...

p.s. she wants to practice corporate law, but has no idea where she wants to practice.  Also, she's kinda leaning towards Howard because of the hot men  ;)

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: TULANE LAW SCHOOL THREAD
« on: April 21, 2006, 07:37:27 PM »
In all fairness, bamabanana, I think you're really underestimating the people who have decided to attend Tulane.  When I first applied, I did enough research to realize what I was getting myself into.  I know about the levee situation, local politics, population, housing problems, etc.  I've considered what effect the problems in New Orleans will have upon Tulane. I firmly believe that every person who is attending in the fall has taken these issues into account.  For whatever reason, you seem deadset on warning people about the negative aspects of Tulane/NOLA as if they have no clue.  We do!  Can this thread get back to what it was intended to do: share much needed info about Tulane with those who have decided to attend? Please?  Oh yeah, congrats withj!!  :)

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