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Choosing the Right Law School / environmental law rankings 2007
« on: March 29, 2006, 09:48:57 PM »
Can anyone who has the new USNWR in thier hands tell me what the top ten environmental law progams were? thanks ahead of time.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Yale Law
« on: March 12, 2006, 11:47:56 AM »
Good luck to the dread pirate Su, I got my thin envelope yesterday, so I won't be lurking hear much more....but if anyone deserves to get in, it you dreadpirate; you've got my vote.  maybe i'll see y'all around next year when i transfer from Boalt. maybe...

Incoming 1Ls / Re: THE global climate change discourse
« on: March 08, 2006, 09:48:11 PM »

Well, we haven't been looking for any solutions.  The domestic fusion project, though promising, is almost entirely sidelined for political reasons.  Thankfully there is still ITER, which has decided to place the generator in France.  Way to go US.

Have you heard about the EAST Tokamak?  Bigger than ITER, and guess where it is?  You'd think the US would be afraid or something...sheesh...

Thanks for the replies to my meddling,

Incoming 1Ls / THE global climate change discourse
« on: March 07, 2006, 11:32:45 AM »
Alright, you prestigi you, we are going to law school, and thus have carried ourselves this far down the path towards achievement.  I have a few questions, though.  Feel free to answer just one if you want to, or, you know, none at all if you can't be bothered.

1.  To what extent will global climate change affect your personal future?  (1 - not at all, 10 - see myself at a working lunch joining Costner in a tall cup of my own pee)

2.  Do you believe in carbon-emission-induced global warming?  If you do have faith in climate change science, what do you think the solution is?  Technological?  Policy? Taxation?  Age-of-aquarius like mass enlightenment?

3.  Do you think that climate change is being talked about too much?  Not enough?  Don't care?

4.  How far would you be willing to sacrifice standard of living to share responsiblity for pollution?  driving? consumption?

5.  Do you think America will continue to lag behind other countries in taking responsibility for climate change?  Which country (ies) do you think will lead the climate change mitigation discourse in the future?

As for my answers:
1.  I think that climate change will greatly impact my future, not so much physically, however, but socially.  I believe this because I know that economic losses are accruing from continued environmental degredation (mind you, not only due to climate change), and that these changes are right now taking money and future opportunities away from me by depreciating my health, investments, etc.  These economic losses will only become greater without better international cooperation.  I think that this cooperation, however, won't happen until short term economic losses are more substantially incorperated into GDP calculations, and that these Green GDP calculations show losses bad enough to induce countries to start aiming missiles at other countries and threatening economic sanction or even war in order to attain emission mitigation treaty compliance.

2.  I believe in global climate change.  I think that it can be fixed through national government manipulation of social policies such as taxation, but that these social policies will take on very different forms in different political and cultural contexts.

3.  I dont think enough people are talking about climate change, including people of our generation.  I think that many don't realize how important the coming period in human life is going to be.  However, I also believe that climate change can only induce the realization of a better future; although difficult in the short term, the necessity of dealing with climate change will induce economic incentives for a rapid explosion in renewable resource technology development, which once implemented, will change human life forever. 

4.  I have to say that here is where I diverge from pure hippie.  I am not willing to go and live on an organic commune in order to make my stand against climate change.  I believe that in order to induce real change, I will need to work from within the dominant wasteful system.  Unfortunately, this means for me a modern catholic guilt every time I turn on a light, knowing that by doing so I am supporting the creation of hazardous waste matter which could be around for thousands of years.  I don't think rejecting the system outright is the right way, though; rather we have to work from within, and hopefully, at the top of the system in order to achieve greatness.

5. Yes, I think America will continue to lag behind other countries in changing resource use practices.  However, I don't think this because I believe that the majority of Americans are selfish or morally inferior or whatnot.  Rather, I believe that the path dependency of this American system, built on cheap energy, physically prevents America from making great strides in the development of renewable energy production technology.  I believe that China, as the new economic superpower which has, for the most part, avoided developing an oil-fueled infrastructure, will be able to leap-frog over America by using systemic contexts of the Chinese political economy to develop more sustainable use habits.   

These are my ideas.  Flame them if you feel the need to do so, but better than just attacking my ideas, please tell me what you think about climate change.  Please.  I really think everyday people need to start talking about this as if it were inevitable.  Make like its your responsibility, even if its just on an internet post board.  Who knows?  It might help.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: I want to be #1 - Is that so bad?
« on: March 04, 2006, 09:33:25 PM »
You know, law school may in fact be the last chance for any of us to get over the whole achievement vibe.  I have issues with this myself, and reading your posts I had a pretty scary thought, which I would like to share with the group if I may:

Lawyers don't win all thier cases.

Despite the fact that I am completely uninterested in going in to litigation (I'm going to do a concurrent PhD in environmental policy during LS), just in case I do decide to give the non-academic world a shot, I have to say that I hope I don't win my first case.  That night, once I stop crying and start drinking, my whooole outlook on life is going to change.  I still have time to improve, I'll think to myself, what was I expecting? To win them all 'till the day I died?

And the answer to that question might be a slightly slurred "yesh....yesh I did."  But then I would know: It wasn't possible. I'd have an answer; a crystal clear epiphany.  Maybe I'd even glipse nirvana.  If, however, I had started winning cases right out of school, I would progressively have become more balled up, at the same time wanting bragging rights for being outstanding at something I had worked really hard at learning about, but also worrying constantly about when exactly the penny would drop.  In the end, I would suffer for my self-love, the 300 lb. golden trophy of my achievement.

But if I lost outright, what a crazy day the next day would be when I went back to my desk and saw that nothing had moved, nothing had changed, and the world was no noticably better or worse off for my failure. This to me would be much, much better than the flowers I would have gotten from my wife and the phonecalls from mom and dad if I had won.

This said, I would rather start working on dealing with failure after I get accepted by Yale.  Thats understandable, right?

Law School Admissions / Re: Yale Obsession
« on: March 02, 2006, 09:01:48 PM »
Does anybody (admitted or not) want to talk about what they wrote in their PS or 250 worder?  I just think it'd be cool to see what people our age who are trying for the best school in the nation are thinking about doing with thier lives, or even just where they are coming from.  You know, get a low down on what our generation is going to turn out like...

250 word: Why I think studying languages has been the best use of my time in UG.

PS: I wrote about what I want to study at Yale, which is International Environmental Law and China.  I'm looking towards doing a PhD (E. Management) at the same time as my JD, but I'll probably be denied based upon my numbers...I won't stop kissing my St. Christopher's medallion until they tell me to, though...Good luck everyone.

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