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Hi all,

My situation is distinctly unconventional, and I'm hoping for some help on thinking it through.

My current situation: I had to leave a top-10 US undergrad program in my 2nd year for personal and financial reasons, and I'm not planning on returning to complete that undergrad degree within the next few years. (I hope to complete this degree eventually, preferably at the same institution, but I may ultimately end up transferring.) I'm a few credits shy of the 60 that the California schools seem to want, but I could make those up somewhere in the next few months. My plans at this point call for me to be out of the country more than half the time over the next few years, mostly in the Southern Cone of South America. (For the curious, I'm a natural-born US Citizen from the Northeast, and no family ties to SA). My ultimate goal is to to complete my obscenely expensive top-notch undergrad degree and (potentially) go on to an obscenely expensive top-notch law school (after which I would want to practice some kind of public-interest law -- or I might just say **** it and go for a humanities PhD). Haven't taken the LSAT, but my SATs (older version) were 800 Verbal, 780 Writing if that's any indication.

Now, all this said, I'm (1) flat broke and hell-bent on avoiding any more loans, and (2) a square peg in a round hole, entirely comfortable with blazing my own trail. I stumbled upon the existence of these California schools by sheer chance, and it gave me some nutty ideas. To wit: suppose I were to do everything ass-backwards?!

Could I:
*Finish up my 60 credits
*Enroll in one of the CA law schools
*Graduate with a JD
*Pass the California bar
*Spend some time practicing law, either in California or in another state that I might challenge to let me sit the bar (and/or remotely from South America? I hear that's possible...
*Use my lawyer's fees to pay for completing my undergrad (!) (with flying colors, of course), and
*Ultimately apply to a top law school as an already-practicing lawyer (!).

My question: How do top schools feel about offering second JDs? Would the admissions committees be scandalized and slam the door in my face? And would an unaccredited JD even count as a first JD to them? I don't expect them to offer any transfer credit, but would this bizarrely unconventional life trajectory damage my chances of admission?

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