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2L job search / Re: thoughts on .... WEIL, Gotshal & Manges
« on: October 09, 2008, 03:42:41 AM »
I just got an offer from them and so far I have heard mostly great things.

I wonder if the ability to make partner there is better than other vault(15) firms.
Also anyone have any experience with how they treat their associates, what it is like to work there, etc...

I am trying to compare with Cravath and Paul Weiss.


My friend who worked at Weil NY this summer really liked it.  No idea re: ability to make partner, but it probably shouldn't be a major factor when considering BIGLAW firms.

2L job search / Re: Top Firms in LA
« on: October 09, 2008, 03:34:54 AM »
Munger <big gap> Irell <small gap> LW and GDC <very small gap> OMM, Skadden, K&E, Quinn

Law Firms / Re: Southern California BigLaw
« on: October 09, 2008, 03:33:18 AM »
LW, GDC, and OMM are the Big 3 and each have great reps in CA.  However, both Skadden and K&E are increasing their reps in SoCal as well.  I worked at one of these firms this summer and I know several people at all of the other firms, but it would make it easier to help you if you indicated your practice area interests, preferred firm culture, etc.

Studying and Exam Taking / Re: Received grade for 1st memo
« on: October 09, 2008, 02:43:35 AM »
LRW is arguably the most important class we have. As lawyers most of what we will do involves the skills we learn in LRW.

Not if you're corporate.

Another question, what usually goes on during the two days of orientation?  What activities, workshops, events and stuff do we attend?  I know they will eventually send me a apcket explaining this but I am curious now.  Every school does it a little bit different.  Thoughts?

If I remember correctly, there's a light breakfast in the morning.  For the rest of the morning, several speakers (Ed Tom, BHSA President, etc.) welcome the 1Ls.  Then you probably have lunch with the people in your mod and small section professor.  For the rest of the first day and second day, you have a computer-related info session and they give you time to buy your books, set up your locker, take a library tour, get your free bus pass, get your ID, etc.  Things may have been different last year, but that's what I remember from two years ago.  Also, you'll almost certainly go out drinking both nights.

I don't know if you answered these yet but I can't find these questions in the skimming I've done so...

1. Do profs at Boalt ever give open book exams, such as allowing outlines?  If so, which ones and how helpful is this?

2. What are the Pope Gregory Days???

3. Can you take the exams on a mac instead of a pc?


I think I'll jump in, if that's okay! I'm a rising 2L and like answering Berkeley questions.

1. Many profs at Boalt give open book exams - in fact I think most do. This semester I had one exam that was completely closed-book/closed-note and one that was closed-book for a multiple choice section, while the rest were open-book (including your notes) while last semester everything was open-book/open-note except for part of one exam. Most profs I've had will let you bring in anything except commercial supplements, and say not to use the internet during exams. How helpful this is really depends on the exam and the class, and I guess how could you are at memorizing things. It doesn't really make it easier, because everyone has the same access to the book and their notes, it just means it will probably be a different kind of exam.

2. Pope Gregory Days are these random make-up class days at the end of every semester that confuse everyone. I think they are to make up for classes missed because of Monday holidays and three-day weekends, but I'm honestly not really sure. I just know a lot of the profs get confused about them, too.

3. You can definitely take exams on a mac instead of a pc, no software of any kind required. We just write our exams in a word document and then upload them, so all you need is some version of Microsoft word. I'd say it's about 50/50 macs and pcs. I have a mac, and it worked just fine for me  :)

You're correct about this

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Why choose USC over UCLA?
« on: May 02, 2008, 04:30:21 AM »
Koobideh hasn't even been back to check on his/her thread. :D

I've been checking the thread religiously! and I definitely appreciate all the feedback!!

Here are my personal pros/cons for each school:

1) I went there for undergrad and am familiar with the area and campus so no time is wasted "adjusting"...also the hundreds of dollars spent on USC merchandise wont go to waste :)
2) I know who my roommate would be (a good friend of mine from high school who has chosen USC Law), I would live with a random at UCLA
3) I pretty much know where i would live at USC(down to the apartment complex), I'd have to go apartment searching at UCLA
4) I know a handful of 2Ls and 3Ls at USC (including former fraternity brothers), I dont know a single person at UCLA
5) USC alumni are hard core, UCLA alumni have a mediocre rep
6) I think the general consensus in LA is that USC is the less competitive school with more laid back students (probably due to the rich kids at USC stereotype)
7) I can live in a luxury apartment in downtown LA for the same price as an average place at UCLA (westwood premium)

1) Academic reputation is superior. no dispute.
2) More public interest focused students makes competition for BigLaw less? (not confirmed)
3) Firms recruit deeper into the class due to higher ranking/rep? (not confirmed)
4) Area is so much better than USC...there are actually places to eat other than fast food!! (SC)
5) National reach
6) Bigger school, meet more a poster stated earlier

Personal Info:

* LA native. Plan on practicing and living in LA.
* Ideally like BigLaw for first career (ideal!!)...looking at entertainment law / litigation in the future

I don't think the bolded is true.  Your decision should be based on fit and other non-placement aspects.  Based on my convos from partners at both my 1L and 2L firms, the two schools are seen as equals.

If you can get a summer 1L position, would it be silly to take a non-paying (or low paying) job somewhere cool? For instance, an internship with the World Intellectual Property Organization or the Harvard Berkman Center. That is, is this a stupid move?

Benefits of taking the 1L firm job (which I did):

1) ~30k after taxes
2) You are better prepared for 2L OCI (you can actually answer questions about specific practice groups, firm environment, etc.) and 2L summer (you have a better understanding of summer program social dynamics)
3) You can pretty much lock up a permanent offer (or a 2L summer offer requiring 2-4 weeks which should lead to a permanent offer) before you even start 2L year, which means (a) there's a lot less pressure during your 2L summer (especially if the economy goes sour like it has this year) and (b) you don't have to do 3L OCI if you don't get an offer from your 2L firm
4) Assuming you get offers at both firms, you actually have a choice of firms.  If you can swing a split for your 2L summer, then you could have 3 choices. 
5) For those turned off by the firm environment, you don't have to waste your time with 2L OCI and you can begin pursuing different job options. 
6) Summer programs are actually fun, and you get to do it twice.

There are probably more reasons to take a 1L firm job, but I think those are the best reasons.  Obviously, there are many other excellent options for 1L summer (externing with a judge, interning with some major public interest organization, etc.), but it would have taken a particularly unique opportunity for me to turn down the 1L firm job.  If such an opportunity presents itself, it certainly NOT be silly to take it.

Stop saying that it is...

What classifies a market as "hard" or "easy" in which to break? Is NYC "easy" because of it's size? Lack of competition for "BIGLAW" jobs? Does the opposite make DC "hard?" Inquiring minds want to know, especially since the Tulane ASD pretty much made me consider the possibility of one day working in NYC.

Number & quality of law students relative to the number of available SA positions.  NYC probably has the lowest ratio (many firms with 100+ summer classes and a ton of firms with 50+ summer classes), and NYC firms also don't care about ties to the area.  DC, SF, and SD are on the opposite side of the spectrum (especially DC).


How's the brief going? Or was yours due last week?

It's due tomorrow, but I'm obviously slavishly working on it.  ;)

Actually, since I didn't go anywhere, I spent some quality time writing `the plain and unambiguous' language over and over and over and over....


Yeah, strangely enough, I was not super-compelled to work on my brief over the break. I'm sort of tempted to turn it in as is and just hope for the best...

Ahh, the days of WOA.  When are your oral arguments?

Two weeks from Wednesday. So a while yet. I think it will be kind of fun, although I haven't done any public speaking since....uh..... maybe never?

I hadn't done any public speaking either and I was a little nervous initially.  However, once the "judge" starts asking questions, you get into the flow of things.  With all of the questions, it goes by very quickly, so focus on your best arguments and have general answers prepared for potential questions about the weakest parts of your argument.  I only spent a few hours preparing and I felt ok.  You spend so much time on your brief that you know the arguments on both sides really well by the time oral arguments come around.

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