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also, i know ann arbor pretty well, so that could be some additional incentive to switch spots with me...i'd give you the scoop on where to eat, where not to, where to go at night etc etc. :) fair exchange, right?

Hey all!

If you can possibly go to the second weekend and are currently registered for the first, would you kindly do a sista a favor and change your reservation? I can't attend the second weekend and would really like to meet everyone, see campus, and participate in my hard earned admitted student days' please consider this :)

thank you very much.

with love from cold ithaca,

...but you aren't planning on going, please let the admissions office know ASAP. I'm on the waitlist and already made flight reservations so that I could be in Ann Arbor this weekend, and would like to be able to attend admitted students' events while I am in town.

Thanks a bunch.

...but you aren't planning on going, please let the office know ASAP! I am on the waitlist and made flight reservations, and would like to be able to attend the events while I am in Ann Arbor.


Choosing the Right Law School / applying past the deadline
« on: February 26, 2006, 12:22:40 AM »
Anyone know anything about this? I got my February LSATs back with a much higher score than October, and now wish I'd applied to NYU and Columbia instead of Fordham.

agreed that dense people are tiresome, but high strung i-think-i-know-it-alls can be far worse due to the type of classroom atmosphere they are capable of creating. from my own ivy experience, when the dense people get riled up, my professors typically say, "well, we'll move on with lecture for now in the interest of time..." on the other hand, it's unfortunately really hard to silence gunners. their questions show a hint of intellect and are somewhat germane to that day's topic, but more than anything just showcase the *&^% on their nose. the professor, being aware of this, answers the question but usually not very thourougly and with a hint of condescension (i've actually seen a professor answer the question while sorta unintentionally waving his hand off to the side like, be gone). it's this reaction that kinda makes you think twice when you raise your own hand: will i too be so delicately but overtly blown off? i dunno, just my two cents...and that incorporates wisdom from one of the law classes i've taken here, so i have reason to believe it's a relevant concern for law school as well.

my advice: definitely go to a highly-ranked school--that's advice coming from the federal judge i shadowed this winter break. she said that when she has to pick two clerks from 500 apps, the only way she's even going to consider you if you went to a low-ranked school is if you were 1 or 2 in the graduating class. as for my own advice? go somewhere academic but laid-back, where questions are genuinely asked out of curiousity and not merely some sort of bait intended to catch the prof's attention so the student can later bug them for a recommendation. vague advice, sorry...but if you go to your prelaw advising office, they should have some surveys from former [insert your school name]ians who went to [insert law school]. from all the surveys i've read at my office, the students speak really candidly and you can get a pretty good feel for the classroom/campus atmosphere.

in short: go to vanderbilt already. maybe i'll see u there.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: The in seat pee'r
« on: February 21, 2006, 05:16:06 AM »
at least you didn't have a kidney infection! i had to pee during section three because it hurt so bad to hold it any longer! when i discovered it was the experimental however, i was actually sorta disappointed because it was a super easy reading section and the actual reading section was way harder.

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