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Law School Admissions / Re: HELP! I desperately need some advice!
« on: April 21, 2011, 01:27:28 PM »
Your GPA for law school purposes will be ALL undergraduate coursework.  So, whether the university that you will transfer into doesn't accept your classes towards your GPA, that doesn't matter.  LSAC will, and that's what the law schools will consider.

Thank you so much!

Law School Admissions / HELP! I desperately need some advice!
« on: April 21, 2011, 01:14:49 PM »
I'm 18 and I'm currently a senior in high school but I'm also enrolled in the Running Start program, where one can earn both high school and college credits.
I'm attending a local community college therefore and will have earned 45 credits (my CC is on the quarter system) by the end of this June, when I'll graduate from high school.

I'm pursuing an AA right now at my community college and I'm double majoring in Political Science and Psychology - because I love those two subjects :)
I wanted to go to law school since I was really young - mostly because my cousin is a lawyer and I was able to go to court with her and look over her shoulder a lot of times, and I know 100% that I want to become a lawyer myself.

Anyways, I really need some advice!

I applied to three universities and got accepted to Washington State University and the U of Idaho but rejected from my #1 school, the University of Washington in Seattle.
I visited WSU and I really didn't like it because of its location even though they'd give me a full tuition scholarship... I just don't think I'd be happy there.

Right now my community college cum. GPA is a 3.4 - after two quarters so it should go up - but if I'd stay next year and would finish up my AA and then transfer - could I still get a really high GPA in just one year? I'd transfer in as a junior and I'd take the LSAT as a junior in June, I think. I'm already preparing for the LSAT so I hope I'll be okay by then.

Is it a mistake to turn down two universities for community college?

I'm afraid that it won't be possible for me to get stellar grades in just one year at an university.

I also don't know how hard the transition would be as a transfer.
I was shocked, honestly, when I found out that my GPA would not transfer from my CC to an university and that I'd have to start from 0 all over again.

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