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WHAT DO i DO? I was camping with my sister and her family and friends in Payson 4 months ago. The other people at the camp site offered a "Quad" for me to ride with a verbal "Ride at your own risk" clause. In my 45 years of life, every time I have come across this saying either in writing or verbal, it simply meant that if I fall off or hurt myself that I can not sue for damages.
As the day went, the other guy and owner of the quad I was on, we managed to get pretty far out on the service road, (Dirt) when the rear brakes locked up when I applied and released the foot lever. The brakes stayed on putting the quad into an uncontrollable slide. The quad and I went over sideways and I suffered some cracked ribs.
During the tow back to the camp site, I offered to pay for what I broke on the quad. The owner acknowledged that I wasn't riding recklessly and that this could have happened to anyone. When getting back to the campsite, The owner's wife heard what had happened and said outload, "Ya. I have had problems with the brakes locking up, also."
Had I known this prior to the ride begining, I wouold not have ridden that machine. I am an avid motorcycle rider and know the value of having properly working brakes.

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