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With your LSAT, its a long shot.  About 8% of the applicants with your stats were accepted.

Thanks, actually, 8% isn't as bad as I thought given some of the graphs.  It seems like Duke tends to
ignore experience and stuff more than even some higher ranked schools - probably
not many elder learners there.

UGPA is the only GPA that matters, really. Retake the LSAT, bump your score to the upper 160s/lower 170s and you're probably in.

How do you know they tend to ignore GGPA?  I can't imagine why they would do that.

Hi, I am an experienced R&D engineer with a dozen or so patents and a decent understanding of patent theory coupled with a serious interest in IP law.   I am wondering if I have a chance to get into a top IP law school such as Duke.

Unfortunately, I blew the LSAT - 163, but I do have an MS from Stanford with a 3.67 GPA and UMich undergrad with 3.7.  And no, I won't be taking the friggin LSAT again.  I'd appreciate any advice.

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