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Law School Admissions / What are my chances??
« on: March 07, 2011, 02:57:47 PM »
I scored pretty low on my LSAT, a 149 (mainly due to planning my wedding, going to school and working full time while trying to study), and my GPA is 3.2.  I know these numbers are low.. however, I have a difficult major in my undergrad and I worked full time during my college years.  Here are my circumstances: I work full time in a law firm, I have been a senior paralegal for 5 years now (while attending undergrad full time), i am a member of several legal associations and I do a lot of community service.  I also graduated from a Legal training institution with a 3.75. My personal statement and Resume are very strong, and my Letters of Recommendation came from the attorneys I work with.  I know my numbers are low... but could my legal experience and prior training maybe make-up for it? Would it be enough to get into at least a T2 school?

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