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Choosing the Right Law School / Need HELP!
« on: April 16, 2011, 12:59:25 AM »
Accepted to Southwestern Part Time(sticker)
Accepted to LaVerne Full Time (20,000 per year)
Accepted to TJSL Full Time(10,000 per year, 6,000 housing grant)

Where should I go?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Southwestern Law 2011
« on: April 12, 2011, 10:12:43 AM »
I was just accepted to the part time program!!!

Now here is my question.

Sticker price for SW and Part-Time
10,000 for tuition, 6,000 housing for TJSL full time?

I'm on the waitlist for the part time program at Southwestern. I'm very upset..but I got a 10,000 dollar scholarship to Thomas Jefferson and a 5,000 to Western State. I am still on the Whittier wait-list although I think I will be taken off the wait list. Earlier in these posts I forgot to mention I wasn't admitted but I was on the WL.

What should I do? The deadline for seats is April 15.

Dear Admission Committee,

I was only applying to your school because I felt bad for the fact that you did not have enough awesome on campus. I regret to inform you that I will not be able to provide you with the awesomeness that flows through my fingertips and bones. Thank you for going another decade or two without awesomeness, maybe if I have a child and he decides to go to your crappy institution, then maybe you will have the opportunity to earn some awesomeness on campus.

Mr. Awesome.

P.S. I'm Awesome, You're Awful.

This actually helped a lot. Thank you very much. I really hope I get into Southwestern.

Thanks for all the help honestly. My cousin is on the alumni board at SW and he knows the dean, he put in a good word. I hope that helps me get in to a full time program. I'm also waiting on Cal Western in SD, and LaVerne to respond to me.

Is LaVerne a good school? I know they are only provisional but will they ever get fully accredited?

Thank you I appreciate it. Western State was fully accredited in 2009. I don't think i'll go there though. I'm really waiting on Southwestern.

I am sure I am going to get into Southwestern's part time program..but is there anyway I can get into the part time program and transfer to full time? Is part time even worth it?

Western State had an 83% bar passage rate last year I think. And yeah I'm very confused.

Western just got accreditation two years ago, I was already accepted and they gave me some money. What do you think of Western State?

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