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Hi Ketlaw,

Feel free to send the statement for a free assessment. 

Hi btl2t14,

I like your statement.  It is indeed very personal and makes you a unique candidate.  However, I do caution that you should not imbue your statement with too much religious overtones because, it can be divisive if not done with the utmost sensitivity as many of your future classmates may be of other faiths as well as the reader of the admissions committee.  Rather, I would always keep in mind to paint yourself as a person who is embracing of all peoples. Moreover you should save some of this "diverse" information for the diversity statement rather putting it all in the personal statement.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Lakers13,

I think your statement is indeed personal and does a good job conveying your leadership and how you have moved forward since the passing of your father.  But remember it is key that you do not appear divisive in your statement.  Discussion of religion, while it is important to you, should done with the utmost sensitivity and where you are welcoming of other faiths, as your class will likely be made up of many different believers or non-believers.  Also make sure to visit Bowen's website ( which has some fantastic information which makes it unique i.e. class size (15:1 student/faculty ratio) etc.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi whirledpeas86,

I think your statement is on point.  Remember for the diversity statement it is not simply about how you are diverse, but how that diversity will add to the law school community you are planning to join.  In your case, there are different groups,  and even law journals at some schools that will fit your unique profile.  That may be worth mentioning.  I personally attended UC Berkeley Law ('08) where your profile will fit in very well with the campus community.

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