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Taking the Dec LSAT and don't expect anything too hot.

I heard WUSTL takes February scores from their admissions board. With a 3.27 GPA, what sort of LSAT score would I need to be competitive for WUSTL? I also have pretty strong softs.

Also, does anyone know where URMs have a strong boost from applying Early Decision?
Cornell, right?

Letta gurl know! :D Take care.

I am a black female undergrad student. I took the Oct. LSAT and made a 148. My cumulative gpa is a 2.99, with my degree granting gpa a 3.70. ( I went to a few 2yr schools, a long time ago, and my grades weren't so hot back then). Im involved in school organizations, president of one and a member of another. My question is, is there any chance of me getting into a school in the Atlanta, Ga area (please do not say John Marshall) or should I study and retake the LSAT next year and wait to apply for the fall 2012 school year? Any thoughts?

Well, you may have a shot at Georgia State with your softs. But if you wait any longer to apply, you may have just shut yourself out for this year. But! Please, please retake.

Black Law Students / Re: 1L's & Current Black Law Students
« on: December 05, 2010, 01:30:52 PM »
Hey guys,..I got a pretty urgent question that needs a reply.

Does URM only apply to US citizens? I'm a black permanent resident,...i keep getting conflicting reports on this. I was looking at the Northwestern application and it says "US citizens only" before the race designation box. It also has a disclaimer saying that schools getting federal assistance must report minority stats.

However some other schools don't have "citizens only" tag,...although they all obviously ask for citizenship. So does the urm thing vary,..or does it only apply to citizens?

This would make a huge difference in the kind of schools i apply to, so I almost can't move forward without knowing this. Thanks.
I'm not on the admissions board or anything, but I am a Black American, who isn't "African American."

In my day, they didn't even have African-American/Black categories. Everyone was just AA if you were dark. The new label, I feel... is just another way to lump us together again. I don't think they're thinking about nationality, heritage, anything like that. They're just lookin' for that pigment to say their school is diverse.

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