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Law School Admissions / Re: Completely Intimidated to Apply
« on: December 11, 2010, 12:33:27 PM »
Thanks so much for all the responses; everyone had a lot of good advice and it's really helped me out. I've realized that it's been own passion to drive me towards law, and I'm a firm believer in the saying, "Ain't nothing to it, but to do it."

I'm thinking of setting the June exam as my goal. As an amusing tangent, I just wanted to throw in how humorous it is just in figuring out a way to get the resource materials to prepare. I live up north in the country of Kazakhstan; our Peace Corps office is down South, in the large city of Almaty. Our Peace Corps librarian informed me she has two LSAT books, complete with CDs, that she'd be happy to give me, but the current predicament is getting them up here. It's not work-related so she can't actually send them to me by mail because it's expensive... So now I'm waiting for a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer to return to Kazakhstan from her vacation in Croatia; her flight will arrive in Almaty, where she has agreed to retrieve the books. Then she will continue on to her home, in a city called Karaganda. Then a volunteer who lives in MY city will travel to Karaganda, because she had already intended to go down for the Christmas holiday. My books will exchange hands and then I will receive them upon friend's return to my city.

It will be interesting in June, because essentially I'll be taking a two-day train ride just to get to the sole office in Almaty that administers this test. I'll then take the test and regain my sanity on the two-day train ride back up North.

Like I said, tis a tangent! But thank you all again, and I'll continue to lurk around these forums and soak up more information because this knowledge really is beneficial to me. As I'd say in Russian here, da svidanya :)

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Good West Coast schools?
« on: December 04, 2010, 04:49:07 AM »
Just to put in two cents about UC Irvine's new school -- it's pretty stellar, from what I've been reading/hearing. I did my undergrad work here and worked with Dr. Loftus (a hero of mine, I must say-- totally changed my life with regard to my perspective on eyewitness testimonies) and I've talked with the dean, who is also amazing. Well, I mean, he's quirky and socially awkward but still a wealth of knowledge, and really interesting to listen to.

I appreciate the fact that UCI is trying to give law students some realtime experience right off the bat. They work with real cases under the supervision of professors and these professors are seriously amazing. The dean once said something along the lines of, "Law school teaches you the law. Firms teach you how to be a lawyer. I want my school to do both."

As far as the campus, it's newbie friendly and completely LGBTQIAA friendly. Ten minutes from the beach, walking distance from just about all necessary services you'd need around a campus...

Totally worth the time to look into. Not that I'm bias or anything ;)

Law School Admissions / Completely Intimidated to Apply
« on: December 04, 2010, 03:20:30 AM »
 Hi all,

This forum has been very helpful to me as I research more about the trials and tribulations of applying to law school. My biggest hesitance is my GPA. I received a 2.9 in my final year because of a lot of different factors; I paid my own way through college and I worked constantly my last two years to pay my living costs. It took its toll, considering I was a double major in literary journalism and criminology, law and society. Both required mountains of reading, writing and time, but I loved the subjects and got back so much more than any letter grade will ever show. That aside, I don't want to throw a "Woe is Me" party and make excuses; I simply should have chosen to work less and study more.

I'm considering whether or not to prepare for the LSAT, but what school in their right mind would accept such a low GPA? My LSAT score could potentially save me, but I do not have the means to take any tutoring or prep classes. I have the means to study on my own; I'll have the time to prepare, that's for sure. I'm currently serving in Central Asia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and the winters here are long and cold.

I also joined the forum that others keep talking about to see the school numbers and what not... all discouraging, haha. Still, I loved studying law in my undergrad work, though my grades do not show for it since those awesome law professors kicked my butt! My most difficult professor was the assistant dean to my university's law school; he taught using the Socratic Method, and people absolutely dreaded his class. I loved him, and I loved the anxiety of walking into his class to be potentially eaten alive that day.

I know I have the passion to pursue law school, but my GPA took a hit to my confidence in terms of the application process. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thank you!

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