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Pursuing an LLM / International Business in Law or International Taxation?
« on: November 07, 2010, 11:34:45 PM »

I'm a foreign student seeking for a LLM.
I read a lot of things here and even though that was quite helpfull I still have some doubts.
I've already got specialization in International Law (which includes subjects as International Tax, Arbitration, International Contracts, ...)

First I was trying to find a LLM focused on International Business in Law, but now I'm quite confused. I've read a lot here about Taxation. Should I make up my mind on Taxation instead of Business?
How are opportunities in the US for lawyers who do LLM in International Business? (as some have said here in others topics I also find very important the practise)

My other question is about the top universities. I also read about that here. Is this really important or it is only for good impression? e.g. if I'm going to Boston University to do Taxation am I going to miss something really special in NYU?

thank for helping.

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