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 Thank you for your answer.  I'll repay by answering your question.

 He believes we have a claim against the insurance company for not covering the 'therapy'. According to him "That's where the money is."  So he does not share my interest of disputing the 'therapy' as health care cost vs special education cost.  Should we lose the case against the insurance company, we can take that verdict back to the family court to show that a ruling was issued that the cost were in fact special education expenses.   I'll not bore you with the specifics, but that is my general understanding.

 Again, thanks,  I'll start stumping around at the local colleges. 


General Off-Topic Board / Can law students be hired to research case law?
« on: September 20, 2010, 07:54:40 PM »

 Please delete if this is an inappropriate subject.  I am not soliciting for services, but I do have a question and this looked like a good forum to ask.

 I have a family law case currently in the courts (Texas Family Law).  I have an attorney, it is cost prohibitive to have him research for hours in case law for some specific information.  Would it be possible to hire a 2L/3L student to do the research?  As a nonlegal professional, I find it difficult at best to find the specific information.  Essentially, I'm trying to avoid a paying a huge legal bill for something that has already been debated in a previous case.

 There would be no expectations of privacy or legal opinions, just a list of cases that have dealt with the subject/opinions in previous cases.

 Again, thank you, and my apologies if this is too off topic.

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