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No, I don't have a "job" lined up.  Instead, I opted to start a business . . . my own law practice.  I am hanging my shingles and opening my sole practice in the field I've worked in for over 16 years.  Currently, I'm still with my 9 to 5 job I held during law school and for the past 16 years, and I am also doing a work-at-home contract job for various federal agencies throughout the U.S. as an independent contractor.   I plan on quitting my 9 to 5 job in 3 to 6 months and holding on to the contract job while I build my practice.  Since I worked in the same field of work I plan to practice in, I feel very comfortable and confident that I will do well.

Thanks!  LOL  I'm in Fort Lauderdale.  I lived in the Tampa Bay area for a while.  Good luck in law school.  It's a lot of hard work but I learned so much.  It was never boring. 

Thanks everyone.  It has been a very difficult, long, painful, stressful and rewarding experience.  I started my first class of part-time law school in August 2004 and passing the bar exam in July 2010, almost six years later has been an experience I will never forget.  Getting my letter from the Supreme Court that I passed the bar exam, taking the Oath of Attorney and mailing it to the Florida Board of Bar Governors is a surreal experience.  After failing the February exam, I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally.  I lost confidence in myself.  I cried for a week.  I didn't know how I would find the strength to start studying all over again and take this difficult exam again.  I almost gave up.  But I didn't thank God.  I had sacrificed too much, so I gathered whatever strength I had left, gathered together more money I didn't have to reapply to take the bar exam again in July and while working full-time started studying again for July's exam.  When I received the passing letter, I broke down in tears.  Being a non-traditional law student is very difficult, stressful, painful and challenging but in the end, very rewarding.  As I reflect back on all those years now, I don't regret a moment of it.  Passing the bar and becoming an Attorney makes all that suffering I experienced well worth the pain I went through to achieve this goal.  On to bigger and better things. 

Thank you!!! In my excitement I used poor grammar!  Make that I "passed" the bar exam.  :-)

Update:  I pass the July 2010 bar exam!!!  Woot Woot!!!   :)

Five nights per week would be very difficult with a full-time job.  That sounds more like full-time.  At my school for the first two years it was mandatory to attend class four nights per week for the part-time class, which damn near killed me.  I gained 40 pounds, was put on blood pressure medicine and my stress level was crazy.  I worked during the day, attended classes M-Thur from about 6:00 till 9:15 pm and did my studying on Friday evenings, and all day Sat-Sun.  No social life, nothing but work and study for two years straight.  I also had to attend class year round, so while the full-time students were on summer break, I was attending classes four nights per week. 

After the first year classes were done, I could schedule my classes any way I wanted to and it started to get easier.  Some semesters I attended class 3 nights per week and some semesters I only went two nights per week.  You may want to consider another part-time program.  I wouldn't recommend a program that requires you to attend classes 5 nights per week.

I'm 54 years old and graduated from law school in July 2009.  I went to law school part-time while working full-time.  I enjoyed the experience very much.  It was definitely challenging, demanding, and expensive, but I absolutey loved it and wouldn't change a thing.   I worked 48 hours per week, went to classes at night 3 nights a week and did most of my studying on weekends and on nights I didn't have class.  It is not easy at all, but doable and very rewarding.

 Since I graduated I have had many job offers and now I have a lot more career options than I had before the law degree.  I still work for my company where I've worked for over 16 years (work from home) and also do contract work for the government part-time from home.  The contract job was awarded to me because I have a law degree and relevant work experience in the same field.  I'm now earning well over 100K per year thanks to the combination of my legal education and many years of work experience.  I'm waiting for my bar exam results and expect that I will make even more money after I have my license to practice law.  My plans are to hang my shingles and continue to work my current job and the contract job while I build my clientele.

If this is what you want to do, go for it, you'll love it!  I know I do.

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