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Ok, I've gathered and been persuaded that when you're reapplying to a school that has rejected your previous application you should acknowledge this in your personal statement and explain why you're reapplying.  A fresh PS seems to be the consensus.  But question:

What if most of your best work, so to speak, is already in your original PS?   Although why I'm reapplying provides fresh material, I don't see that I can tell my story about my interest in law any better than I already did.  I don't have "another unique story."  The truth about why I'm applying to law school was weaved into a story that presented nicely in my original PS.

A little context:  I'm a non-traditional applicant (age 38).  I was rejected at one school where my GPA and LSAT should have made me a shoe-in. I suspect I wasn't because I applied so late in the season (4 months in) of rolling admissions.  The other school wait listed me.  So I don't feel I need to retake the LSAT (though a mediocre 154) nor am I in a position to take a couple years to improve my application with new vocations or academic pursuits.

One option I'm considering is writing a new and much briefer (1 page) PS acknowledging that this is my second application and focusing on why entering law school is so important to me.  And then referencing my original PS and encouraging the evaluator to read it to learn more about what motivates my interest in the legal profession.  I would attach the original PS as a supplemental document, even though they would still have access to it as part of my last year's application.  I would take a similar approach to the school that wait listed me (ie, "I am disappointed that I remained on your wait list but am hopeful that my early application this year ..." sorta' thing).

And this would beg a similar question.  I've read advice (like that reapplicants should also get fresh letters of recommendation.  If I'm going to use the same people (former employers), why would they have anything different to say about me?

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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