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Current Law Students / Re: Poor 1L Grades
« on: January 28, 2011, 06:58:27 PM »
Look, most people go into their 1L year thinking that they are going to be top of their class.  That makes sense to them because, just like in undergrad, they are the smartest person around and cannot do worse than an A-.  That identity is wrong and gone.  You are in a different group now.  Your 1L cohort all believe the same self-deception.  Believe it or not, other people ARE willing to work hard too.  If that is a shock to you, then be prepared to accept that it isn't going to go away.  BUT, the upside to such a realization is that you can decide to fight harder to be where you would like to be.  If a few Cs are going to unravel your world, then maybe it's time to reassess either yourself or why you went to law school.  Don't leave over it, seriously!  It does get easier after 1L. Every one of your classmates is experiencing self doubt as well.  Maybe you can actually bond with people over those feelings. 

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