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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Where do you find the time to study?
« on: February 17, 2006, 05:45:31 PM »
Your work hours are not all that demanding.  Sounds to me like you need to take a look at your lifestyle choices.  Do you: drink, smoke, eat well-balanced meals (and not overeat)?  Do you or does anyone in your family suffer from depression? ...lethargy can be associated with depression (just one possibility).  Law School is going to be tough if you are can not handle a 9 hour (probably 1/2 hour or more for lunch) work day and find time to study for a couple of hours each dayy you need to find out what about your health/lifestyle is causing you to be tired.  Do you want to study for and do well on the LSAT (presumably that is why you asked how to study for it with your current schedule)?  Are you willing to do a serious self-assessment and make some changes in order to succeed? 

Sorry to be blunt but I work in financial services and if you have problems finding time in that work arena there is no forgiveness and your boss (Managers) will not give you a day off to take care of your personal study goals. 

Anyway...hope you can identify some changes that you can make (or some medical attention that you can seek) to be more productive.


I am virtually identical to JES in my LSAT study and results.  Are you going to retake JES?

I am sorry to introduce fleas to this otherwise very loveable animal of low test taker numbers but... maybe some of you can help me understand something.  On, when he/she updated the admissions calculator (mid/late December) to reflect 2004 admissions numbers, the probability of getting into most of my schools dropped (some significantly)from the probabilities that were being reported based on the 2003 numbers.  Going further out on Chiashu data, back to 2002 admissions number probabilities, the chances for admission are even greater than they are when based on the 2003 numbers.

I hope that I have not lost you...

Essentially the probabilites of getting into most schools has gradually decreased from 2003 through this cycle (2005). When I look at the LSATs administered over the same time period the number of test takers has steadily declined. = confused

This is not making sense to me.  Can someone give me the missing premise to tie these numbers together and form a logical explanation?  I think that I am missing something in how these numbers can possibly coincide. 

Thanks for any insights. 

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Anyone score substantially higher?
« on: December 30, 2005, 04:53:19 PM »
Well hot damn TMC.  Congrats!!  How did you manage that jump in your score?

In answering the first question; I was one of the disappointed ones.  ...earned about six point below what I had been averaging on my practice tests.  I took many practice tests and my score was completely unexpected.  ...just starting to get over the depression.

Studying for the LSAT / You guys will know the answer to this
« on: December 27, 2005, 06:11:01 AM »
I have already sent in applications for admission in fall '06. I took the LSAT on Dec. 3, 2005 and I am unhappy with my score.  If I retake in February will LSAC notify the schools that I have applied to and thus delay processing my apps.? I think that delaying application processing until the end of February, when applying for fall '06, is just self-defeating. 

What do you guys think/know?  Would LSAC inform the schools to delay processing my currently submitted apps? 

Thanks Shae.  Congrats on your acceptances. 

Subject line pretty much spells it out. What have been your personal experiences with actual acceptances, wait lists, rejections and were they consistent with that program?  Reliable or not?

Subject line pretty much spells it out. What have been your personal experiences with actual acceptances, wait lists, rejections and were they consistent with that program?  Reliable or not?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Advice anyone...please?
« on: December 23, 2005, 05:03:31 PM »
Hey Mikey. I think that I rushed through it.  I got to the end of three of the five sections with more time to spare then I did in any of my practice tests.  Maybe test-day anxiety...trying to make sure I got through all of the questions...dunno.  I am leaning towards June '06 retest and seeing what comes of the apps that I sent in for this year. 

Did you get a score that you are happy with?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Cannot open item response sheet through lsac
« on: December 23, 2005, 03:49:39 PM »
Do you have a pop-up blocker on your computer?  You may have to turn it off to view the pdf files.

Just a thought. I'm not sure what to do if that doesn't work.

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