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Transferring / Hopeful HYS Transfer
« on: April 22, 2010, 06:49:35 PM »
Iím currently a 1L at the lower end of a T100 school. I could have enrolled at a T30, but I chose not to because it was cheaper to go to a lower ranked school for 1 year. Retrospectively, I donít know if this was the best decision because I always intended to transfer out, but Iím hoping the large jump isnít going to come back to bite me now. I went to Yale as an undergraduate and Iím hoping to transfer back to there, but any of HYS will be great of course. I donít have official numbers, but Iím guessing my 1st semester grades put me near the top of my class, probably in the top 1-3%. I have a few decent softs. My general question would be, what are the chances of pulling this off?

Getting to the nitty-gritty, I need to approach my professors for letters of rec. One of them happens to be an alumnus from Yale Law, so we share the same alma mater. How should I approach and explain to them my goals of transferring? Should I mention which school I really want to transfer to (HYS) or would they construe that as being pretentious, even though I do have genuine reasons in addition to the obvious better job-finding-potential for picking these schools? Is it better for them to submit letters through LSAC or have them individually tailor it to the schools and submit it directly?

Also, what would be the best way to frame my personal statement for HYS, especially Yale since I did my undergraduate there? Does previously attending the school give me an advantage in the transfer decisions?

Lastly, I know transfer admissions are on a rolling basis, but does it affect my chances whether I submit mine earlier or later in the process? I feel that if I turn it in later, more spots will have been filled which would reduce my chances.

Greatly appreciate your thoughts.

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