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Law School Admissions / Early Acceptance/Decision
« on: May 24, 2010, 07:59:46 PM »
Does anyone know whether applying to law school via an early acceptance/decision route affect one's chances of getting a scholarship? 

It seems like if they know you're enrolling at their school, their rationale behind offering a scholarship is dramatically reduced.


Thank you for your replies.

The attorney from the state C&F Board did return my call, and basically said what you stated CJ. I expected that type of response, but simply wanted to get insight from one who makes those calls if possible. He did also mentioned that he couldn't give me a personal ruling but nothing that he heard would cause particular concern. He did elect to not answer several of my questions saying it would be inappropriate.

Two points were brought up which may be helpful to others. First, if you do have something one your record, you can start the process of C&F review earlier, like in the first year of school. I guess most wait until late second year to do this. Starting early will expedite the process and ensuring one doesn't waste three years and tens of thousands of dollars if he/she is not cleared. Little consolation if you ask me.

Also, and I believe I may have seen this elsewhere on this site, if you have an alcohol or drug conviction, the bar admission committee will look closely at whether or not a substance abuse problem or addiction may be lurking. Again, if one's background is sufficiently questionable such that intervention or treatment is suggested to show the bar admission board rehabilitation has occured, this can be initiated during 1L. There may be a Dean of Student Affairs or similar person who facilitates this with a given state's Lawyers Assistance Program (or other party) which likely offers advise/help for free.

Thanks again for your replies and input.

Current Law Students / Re: POLL - Better career earnings - MBA or JD ?
« on: April 17, 2010, 12:40:57 PM »
In the course of my investigating law school and the legal field, I've interviewed a few practicing lawyers about a whole range of issues. One, obviously, is job/career prospects.

Each lawyer has, in some way or another, mentioned that as long as one has their health they can earn a living with law until they're 90. That may also be possible with an MBA, but only due the career experience one would have accummulated over time not specifically because of the degree. The JD leads to a license to make money that, as others here have mentioned, and MBA will never do.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Another Criminal Record Question
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:53:46 AM »
I've read through a few related posts and found some useful tips. Nonetheless, I'd like to get some comments/suggestions/advise about the realities of my being accepted to a local law school.  

Scenario: 3 law schools within commutable distance from my home. Two 3/4Ts, One Top 50-60. Have yet to take LSAT. UGPA is 3.6 with dual major in Econ/German. Executive MBA from Top 20 program. I'm 37 now, will likely enter in 2011 at 38.

Convictions on my record are a DUI (1991), Misdemeanor Assualt (1992), and Disorderly Conduct while Intoxicated (1996). Also, as a juvenile, had a disorderly conduct w/possession of very small amount of marijuana, ca. 1988.

Since these events, I've graduated with my bachelors, lived overseas, gotten married,completed a rigorous EMBA program while working/traveling full time, have three kids - basically grew up. With the exception of my current stint 'in between opportunities', I've made a good living and held gainful employment with steadily increasing levels of responsibility.

These transgressions aside and pending my LSAT score, I feel I present a strong candidacy for the local Top50-60 program (where I received my undergrad degrees having received various cash awards and a full academic scholarship my senior year). However, it is known to be more on the conservative side.

I have a call into a local attorney who is on the state's Board of Commsissioner's on Conduct and Fitness to obtain his/her thoughts.

Would appreciate any comments from LSD members, including horror stories, success stories as well as suggestions, advise and commentary.

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