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My breakdown today was 11 on games, 20 on Args 1, 20 on Args 2 and 21 on RC. That gave me a 72 which scaled to a 161. I guess the scale is more generous since it was the Oct 1997 exam.

Anyway, I have since analyzed my games section. Here is what I *think* happened. First game I attempted was Game #3 since it had 7 questions and since I never finsh I have to get as much bang for my buck as I can. I got 6 correct and it took 10 minutes. Second game I tried was game #1. I have no idea how long it took me and I got 4/5 correct. I chose it because I thought it looked simple but there were a couple of tricky questions that took too much of my time. Third game I tried ws game #4 and I was seriously out of time because I only attempted 2 questions, got 1 of them correct, guessed 'D' on the rest, then had to guess 'D' on all of the last game, game#2. What did I do with all my time? I should easily be able to do 3 games and get say only 1 or 2 wrong. I do know that my mind was wandering a couple of times so maybe I spaced out. In practice, I can get almost any game in 11 minutes, some under 9 minutes, and I rarely get more than one wrong and usually get them all right. Somehow doing it as part of a test is making me choke. It was the first section too so it's not like I was tired. I need to videotape myself doing a games section, LOL.

Thanks for the advice guys.
Maybe I will start spending more time on the setup. Right now I usually spend about 2-3 minutes.

If you do not own it already, purchase the Powerscore Logic Games Bible. Photocopy the preptest games and do them repeatedly.

Thanks, but I have been through that book already. Do you think going through it again would help me? Yuck, I really don't want to do that.

My diag. was 149. A month later I got 161, 2 weeks later 157, and today (3 weeks later) 161 again. Games section is dragging me down. I thought I was improving in practice - I was getting everything right, and usually under 11 minutes. But today I got an 11 on games, which is what I got on my other test when I got a 161. A freaking 11! That is so bad! I was hoping for at least a 15, which I know is also pathetic but not as pathetic as 11. I was struggling with a couple of questions and I think it made that game take up too much time. What does everyone else do, if you are stumped by a question - how long do you give yourself before you guess and move on, 2 minutes? I was thinking about one question for probably about 3-4 minutes, way too long. But I kept thinking I had invested the time in the rest of the game so I should try to figure it out.

I think I am going to resign myself to the fact that I will get only 11 on games. So I should study up on RC and Args to make sure I get over 20 on those sections. All I need to get is low 160's to get in where I want to go, so I am not too far off. It just PISSES me off that no matter what I do, I only score 11 on games. I have done the games bible and about 3 other games books. I tried doing timed sections, timing a game at a time in practice, untimed, I've tried everything. All it takes is one difficult question and then I have no time for the rest of the stuff. There is a Powerscore couse I could sign up for but I just don't see paying $1200 to get maybe 5 more points. And if I still got an 11 after that, well then I'd REALLY be pissed!

My plan was to do a timed test every week from now till the June LSAT, and spend the rest of the week analyzing what I did wrong. I guess I will stick to the plan. Maybe I just need to do more games in the context of a full exam and not just timed sections or timed individual games. All I know is, after the June LSAT I will never do another of these freaking games again. I can't stand putting so much time into such a useless skill. And I also can't stand putting so much time into something and NOT improving!

I'll see what I get on my test next Saturday before I make any changes to my plan.
This test sucks.


On the writing sample, that is. Are there just some schizo proctors or are you not supposed to erase? I'll be in trouble. I type just about everything except a list if I go to a store or something.

Studying for the LSAT / What do you think of this study plan for June?
« on: February 07, 2006, 04:30:31 PM »
I'm almost through with LRB and finished LGB. Just finished Nova's Master the LSAT - I only did the reading comp. section since everyone else says LRB and LGB are better and I've already done those.  I took a diagnostic before any of the studying, then 2 more tests about a month after the diag. and then 2 weeks later: 149, 161, 157.  From now on, since I know the basics, the question types, game types, etc., shouldn't I now focus on speed? I am pretty accurate but very slow on games, and I ALMOST finish LR and RC sections in the 35 min. I was thinking that now I should just count how many weeks I have till June LSAT, count how many tests I have, and set up a schedule and just keep taking a test a week (timed), and during the week correct my mistakes. I mean, what else is there to do?

I am taking a free Kaplan practice test on 2/18. Hopefully I will get 160+.  All I need is low 160's. 163 would be great.

I normally only have 2 hours a night to study, 8-10pm, and I am very tired at that point so I usually can't do RC then. My husband says he can come home by 6pm once a week to let me out (I watch the 4 kids during the day) for 3  hours at the library; and I can go once on a Sat. or Sun. afternoon for 3 hours. I'm thinking I should take a test during one of the 3-hour stints, and spend the 1-2 hours per night to review my mistakes.

If I want to increase speed and stamina to be able to handle the long test, I think just taking all the tests under timed conditions is the best thing for me now.

Any thoughts?

Oh yeah, and I have been avoiding the formal logic chapter in LRB; I guess I should work through that too. It's so long and tedious though...

« on: February 07, 2006, 03:34:54 PM »
That's funny.

« on: February 06, 2006, 11:26:16 AM »
I think you're right. I haven't taken it yet, I'm taking in June. But a few weeks ago, I was studying every spare minute of every day (even if I only had 15 min. I would try to do a game or RC passage), talking about it all the time and surfing here way too much. It did not help me at all. In fact, I began to have no concentration and would read something 2-3 times before it would sink in, and then get the answer wrong anyway. My games actually got worse in that time period, and I was getting extremely frustrated. So I took a break. I didn't study for 4 days, and then when I did, I only did RC for a week, then a little Args, no games for like a week and a half. I tried hard not to always think about studying and the exam. Then when I finally did sit down one evening to do games, I was TOTALLY in the zone! I flew through those babies getting them all right. I felt good about it. Then the next evening I sat down to to RC and flew through those too. So...I am trying to NOT study too much between now and say April. Then I will step it up a little bit. With this test, there is definitely a such thing as too much studying.  :)


Studying for the LSAT / I wish I were taking the LSAT today!
« on: February 04, 2006, 08:44:34 AM »
I'm not ready by any means, so I guess it's good I'm taking it in June. But just think - it would be ALL OVER!


Studying for the LSAT / Re: Long Story Short
« on: February 03, 2006, 06:27:17 PM »
Oh, and P.S.
  If he does come back and you want to take him back, I would seriously consider the fact that he was willing to risk you bombing the test (which you will NOT do). I would not let him get away free on that one!


Studying for the LSAT / Re: Long Story Short
« on: February 03, 2006, 06:19:46 PM »
 First, hard as it may be, nothing changes the fact that the LSAT is tomorrow and you CAN'T let anything ruin your focus. So once you log off this board, go to bed. Do not think about your boyfriend/ex whatever. If there is damage that can be repaired, if you want to repair it, it can be repaired AFTER the test. If it can't be repaired, then fine - you can move on with your life AFTER the test.

 Second, are you young (read: 20's or lower 30's)? I am 38 (not so young  ;) )and married for 12 years, have 4 kids. My husband have at times reflected on how insignificant all other (romantic) relationships are once you have been married for a long time and especially dealing with kids. It is completely another life - ancient history. I wish I had known that when my prior relationships broke up. There is so much out there to do and see and experience, and so many more guys you will meet. One guy leaving you might make you feel sad for a bit - an end of an era is always a bit sad - but the sadness shouldn't last too long especially if you are a self-starter and find a lot of things to do (like law school!). It definitely is not worth tanking on the test, so don't let it do that to you.
 I reread my post and it seems cold but really, you meet guys, date them, if it doesn't work out then another one comes along. I know it's easy for me to tell you it's no big deal, but it isn't! Believe me, the guy you want to end up with is not the type who throws a little tantrum like a 3-yr. old and ends the relationship by storming out the night before your big test. Let him go cry like a big baby while you ace the LSAT, go to lawschool, have a great career and meet someone else with a great career. You'll never give this guy a second thought.

Let him go, and kick some butt tomorrow!

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