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Studying for the LSAT / Seizure during LSAT
« on: February 21, 2010, 10:24:58 PM »
Without sounding too braggadocious, I think my story is far better than any of the previous descriptions on these threads.  While it's pretty incredible what happened during my LSAT, it is not a point of pride and quite unfortunate, as it definitely affected my score in a negative way.  Please enjoy!

The test center room accommodated approximately 30-40 test takers.  I was sitting next to a test taker, who from the very onset was unbelievably loud while breathing and underlying her work.  Her behavior was so frantic that it was actually disturbing.  Nonetheless, my test prep company prepared us for these potential situations.  Thus, I shoved my fingers in my ears and continued.  Aside from this distraction, everything was normal until we returned from our short break after the completion of Section 3. 

Upon returning to our seats, I noticed that this same test taker sitting directly next to me had not returned.  A moment later, the test taker returned, sat down, but looked extremely ill.  We were given the instructions to the next section (Section 4) and we began.  Within the next minute the same test taker began to shake violently, scream loudly, foam at the mouth and exhibit tremors in her eyes.  The test taker was experiencing a seizure or convulsion and began throwing her head back uncontrollably while she was still in the chair.  I immediately went to the aid of this person to stabilize her head.  At this moment one proctor came to relieve me while another proctor directed us to stop the examination and collected the materials.  Paramedics were called and once they arrived we were instructed to leave the room.  The paramedics stabilized the test taker and she taken from the building.

Long story short, 45 minutes later we we given the choice to return to the test and continue or to cancel.  Many people decided to cancel and I don't blame them.  But I needed my score, so I kept going! It was crazy.  Anyways, my score did not turn out as bad as I thought, but still not fantastic.  I've already been accepted to some great schools.  In the end, everything works out, so stay positive people!

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