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Online Law Schools / Re: BTW - (foreign law degrees and bar acceptance)
« on: February 22, 2006, 02:13:35 PM »
lord i wouild never want you to be my lawyer, a south african law degree come on now thats madness.

I love how you never respond to the arguments presented...

If it is madness, then I guess you can now ridicule your own state it allows for this possibility.

BTW - would you find a degree from Canada, Australia, or the UK more acceptable? Or are you just against anything that is non ABA...
If you would look at the NY Bar site, you would have seen that all law degrees that are from DL study are not allow to take the Bar exam in NY.  This rule changed about two years ago. Also in TX the same rule applies. There is a HB in the state that is trying to change the rule and allow DL grads that have passed the bar take the TX bar after 3-5 years of practice.  For the most part, all states except for a couple will make DL lawyers that are bar in CA work for about 5-10 years before they could even think of taking the bar exam.  Now the rules for TX and NY are different if you attended a state approved school in person.  The wait to take the NY and TX bar would only be 3 years.  People who get DL law degrees from the UK or anywhere else overseas is just wasting time and money.

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