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Hello everyone!!

My name is Ann, and I am a latina interested in any law school that I will accept me as I have lost the hope of attending my school of preference.  I currently hold a cum 3.0 GPA, BUT I recently calculated the LSDAS and my GPA went down to a 2.23!!!  I am getting ready to finish with a BA if Criminal Justice with a minor in Homeland Security, I have no extracurricular activities as of yet, I have a gorgeous 9 year old son, Oh and while living in Virginia I was fined for public intoxication, therefore I also have a misdemeanor for having 2 beers, I work for a large Bank and have been in banking since the age of 19.  I also worked as  real estate agent in New York for two years before returning to banking.  I have always worked full-time and I have always been the primary financial support for myself and my son. I have not taken the LSAT but I am studying and hope to do so in June.  I would love to attend New York Law School, Hofstra or Pace Law...

What are my chances??

Please Help!!!

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