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Thanks for the responses guys.

Houston looks like a good one to consider.  And I am considering New Mexico as well. 

More suggestions welcomed.

I think picking a big school in a small pond is a good idea. I go to Tulane. I'm not sure whether it fits that definition or not. It's the best school in the state, and places well in LA, but doesn't exactly dominate, esp. since many want to leave the state afterwards. I'm from the South and have a scholarship so I think it was a good pick for me, but might not be for you.

A state school might be better. Oregon and Hawaii also occur to me.

How does Tulane and LSU compare?

I used law school predictor and plugged in a 160 for you on your lsat.  Here's what I got:

U of H - Deny
Texas Tech - Deny
St. Mary's - Strong Consideration
South Texas - Strong Consideration

Are you only looking for schools in the Texas area?

I say this because you got a "strong consideration" for Albany Law School.  They are a really solid tier 3 school, ranked something like 102 in the country.  In other words, very close to breaking the top 100.  A downside is that their winters are intense.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Cal Western
« on: November 23, 2009, 10:15:10 AM »
The grading system for Cal Western is pretty weird.  I talked to the head of admissions at Cal Western last week and this is what I got out of it.

Cal Western uses a number scale.  90-95 is in the A range.  80-89 is in the B range.  74-79 is in the C range.  If you average below a 74 for the first year, THEY KICK YOU OUT.  Simple as that.  I read about some guy who had a 73.75 and was still asked to leave.

Cal Western does this to keep their bar passage rate very high (which it is).  I think it gives out some good scholarship money, and in an effort to compensate for this, admits a lot of unqualified individuals for sticker price.  Even if these unqualified individuals leave after the first year, Cal Western still gets first year tuition from them.

I was talking to a 2L there and she said it was weird because she made some friends first year, and at the start of second year some of them were gone. 

On the positive side, if you can maintain passing grades, I hear they have good connections with downtown San Diego, particularly at the DA's office.  They also have really good international externships.  The library was pretty decent as well. 

Thanks for the responses guys.

Houston looks like a good one to consider.  And I am considering New Mexico as well. 

More suggestions welcomed.

Right now I live in Southern California.  Lots of schools.  Very competitive.  I think I can get into Loyola, USD, and Pepperdine.  Not sure about UC Davis and UC Hastings.  I can get scholarship money for Southwestern and Cal Western.

I'm wondering if there are better options available out of state.  In particular, I'm thinking about law schools that dominate the job market and have less competition with other schools in that state.   I love California but I'm not particularly tied here. 

I'm thinking about places like Tulane and UNLV.  Anyone have other suggestions?  Also, any decent schools out there that could offer me some scholarship money?



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