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Studying for the LSAT / Re: June 2011 Thread
« on: March 24, 2011, 06:38:43 AM »
Taking the June test too! I've been studying since January-ish and have managed on my own to get from the low 150's to around 162 solid. I'm taking a 20-hour prep course in April that I hope will propel me into the 170 range. Only 74 days left!!  :)

I currently work for the Senate in D.C. I want to keep my job and get into a part-time program but with the caliber of schools in the area, I'm not sure how realistic that is.

I literally have every single one on my list (minus UDC) - GW, George Mason, American, Catholic, University of Maryland, Georgetown (MAJOR reach). I worked through school, I'm 24 but I've managed millions of dollars of inventory for a finance company and handled the operations at a digital strategy firm.
Interested if anyone has insight into my odds??

GPA approx 2.9 (typical bad excuses - worked during school, traveled a lot)
LSAT (without prep course which I start next month) solid around 162
URM x 2 (AA and a woman)

Thanks so much!

Hey Everyone! I'm a board-lurker who never posted, definitely no Michelle Obama (I'd love her wardrobe) but thought I'd introduce myself anyway haha.

I'm a Law and Legal Studies junior at Penn State University (I love it!). I plan to take the LSAT in June and apply to Law School in the fall. My top choice is Tulane University because they have a Sports Law certification program. My other choices include the University of Maryland, American University, Georgetown, George Washington University, Penn State University, University of Richmond, Boston College....basically I have a lot of narrowing down to do. I've worked the entire time I've been in college and at 22 I am currently handling operations for a small finance company but I'm ready to quit the job and devote myself full time to pursuing my law degree!

Eventually I want to practice Sports Law and work for the NFL Players Association or work in Sports management etc. But if my dad has his way I'll have an office next door to his at the Department of Justice (working hard to avoid that lol)

It's so cool to see other men and women of color going after their JD. Good luck everyone!

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